8 Crappy Things Men Do When They Want to Break Up

When a relationship starts to feel strained, it can be challenging and emotionally draining for both of you. Some couples face the issues together and try to work things out, but sadly, not all guys take that honorable path. Some men resort to hurtful and manipulative behaviors when they want to break up. It’s not easy to deal with and can leave you feeling confused and hurt.

Let’s explore the eight crappy things men may do when they want to break up.

He Keeps You Guilty for the Tensions in Your Relationship

You know when he starts blaming you for everything that’s not right in the relationship? It’s like he’s putting all the guilt on your shoulders, even if it’s not your fault. Feeling burdened with guilt and self-doubt makes it easy for him to walk away without taking responsibility for his actions.

He Calls You Crazy When You Denounce Him for His Behavior

It hurts when you try to talk to him about how his actions hurt you, but he brushes you off, calling you crazy or too emotional. It’s like he’s trying to make you doubt your feelings and push your concerns aside. But he doesn’t realize that it only worsens things and avoids dealing with your real problems.

He Starts Whining as Soon as He Disagrees with Something

You ever notice how he acts like a child whenever there’s a disagreement? Instead of having a grown-up talk, he starts whining and throwing a fit. It’s frustrating because it shows he’s not willing to face the issues together like adults should.

He Makes Plans with His Friends Without Even Telling You

Lately, it feels like he’s leaving you out of everything. He’s making plans with his friends without even bothering to tell you. It stings because it feels like he doesn’t care about including you anymore, and it makes you wonder where you stand in his life.

He Promises You Something and Does Not Keep His Promise

It’s tough when he promises you the world, but then nothing comes of it. He’s always saying things to keep you hanging on, but he never follows through. It’s heartbreaking because it makes you question if you can trust him at all.

He Openly Flirts with Other Girls in Public

You know when you see him flirting with other girls right in front of you? It hurts, like a punch in the gut. You start questioning if he still cares about you or if he’s already looking for a way out. It’s tough to swallow because it feels like he’s not even trying to hide it, and it leaves you feeling betrayed and unloved.

He Takes a Long Time to Answer Your Texts and Doesn’t Even Call Anymore

Remember those days when you could text all day and have those late-night calls? But now, he takes forever to reply, and it’s like he’s not even interested in talking to you anymore. The silence feels deafening, and you can’t help but wonder what changed and why he’s pulling away.

He Ends All Conversations About the Future

You ever notice how he avoids any talk about the future? It’s like he’s shutting the door on all those dreams you had together. The plans for vacations, building a life – he doesn’t want to discuss any of it. It’s heartbreaking because it feels like he’s giving up on what you once shared.

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