8 Different Roles Your Husband Should Play In Your Marriage

All the world’s a stage. And all the men and women merely players. No. I didn’t say that. Shakespeare did. And there is a lot of truth behind what he says too. We go through so many different phases in life wherein we are forced to assume certain roles. That is especially true in the individual’s pursuit of love and romance.

You always want to end up in a loving and meaningful relationship that gives you a sense of joy and fulfillment. And you won’t be able to do so unless you are actually with a guy who wants the same things as you. You have to be with a man who would be willing to do whatever it takes to be a good guy to you.

One of the more common goals for most couples is eventual marriage. And if you really want a happy and healthy marriage, then you need to look for a strong and resilient husband. He is going to have to be willing to play certain roles in your life if you expect your marriage to last for the long-term. Here are a few roles that your husband should play in your marriage.

1. Your absolute best friend.

Of course, you always want your husband to be your absolute best friend. You would always want to be with a guy who you know you can always have a lot of fun with. He has to be a guy you can laugh and go on adventures with. He has to be someone whose company you genuinely enjoy and cherish. He has to be a guy you turn to when you want to fill your heart with happiness.

2. Your nurse.

You are only human and so you are going to get sick every now and then. You aren’t always going to be at your peak physical condition. And that’s when your husband, the nurse, has to step in. He has to be a guy who would be willing to nurse you back to health. He has to be willing to take care of you and sustain you when you are incapable of doing so on your own.

3. Your life partner.

In life, you are always going to need a partner in order for you to take on the challenges of the world. And that’s what your husband has to be for you. He has to be the man that you turn to for support whenever you need some extra help. He has to be willing to lend you a helping hand whenever you feel like you can’t take on life’s challenges on your own.

4. Your mentor.

He has to be someone who is always going to impart valuable knowledge and wisdom to you. He has to be a guy who is going to be able to teach you some important lesson that you need to go grow in life. Your husband has to be able to provide you with some much-needed perspective to help you form a more profound view of the world and life.

5. Your student.

But aside from being your mentor, he also has to serve as your student. He has to be someone who is actually capable of setting his ego aside and trusting your better judgment at times. He has to be willing to learn from you as well especially when you feel like you have a teaching opportunity at hand.

6. Your therapist.

Your husband also has to be your therapist. He has to be a guy who is actually going to hear you out when you want to vent about life. He has to be willing to listen to you whenever you want to get something off your chest. He might not always be able to offer advice, but at least you know that someone is always going to be willing to listen to you.

8. Your prince charming.

Life isn’t going to be a fairy tale. However, that doesn’t mean that neither of you should stop trying to make it that way. You always want a husband who tries his best to be your real-life prince charming. You want a husband who is going to do his best to fulfill your deepest fantasies about love and romance; a guy who doesn’t shy away from being a true romantic.

9. Your number one fan.

Your husband also has to be your number one fan. He has to be a guy who is always pushing you and encouraging you to go after your biggest goals and dreams. He has to be a guy who believes in you even when no one else does. He has to be a guy who celebrates your biggest achievements and successes in life. He has to be the guy who is going to be standing at your side when all of your dreams come true.

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