8 Dishonest Signs That You’re About To Break Up

When two people in a relationship are just virtually incapable of being honest with one another, then that is a relationship that is definitely doomed to failure. That’s why you should always take it seriously whenever you notice that you are showing some signs of dishonesty within your relationship towards your partner (or when your partner has been showing signs of dishonesty towards you).

It might be a good time for you to take a step back and just reassess the state of your relationship. Introspection and reflection are essential to keeping things in the relationship in check. You must always maintain a sense of self-awareness when it comes to how you treat each other. And you need to always remind yourselves of why you’re still in this relationship in the first place.

Maybe you consider your partner to be your absolute best friend and you have a bond that you can’t replicate with anyone else. If that’s the case, then it’s hard to imagine why you would willingly be so dishonest with him. Dishonesty is the number one killer of intimacy and closeness in a relationship. A bond that is built on falsehoods is no bond at all.

Honesty is always going to serve as one of the most important pillars in any kind of relationship. Yes, it’s okay for you to have a few white lies every now and then just to promote the greater good of the relationship. You might just want to be saving your partner from certain hassles or stresses and that’s why you would tell them a little white lie or something.

However, blatant dishonesty just to get yourself out of trouble is never going to be okay. Naturally, you don’t have to share absolutely EVERYTHING with your partner in the relationship. But you still want to be sharing as much as you can with one another. That’s why you should be deeply troubled to know that you are engaging in a few dishonest habits that could be signaling the near end of your relationship.

1. You turn off the notifications on your phone.

You try to turn the notifications of your phone off so that you don’t have them mistakenly seeing something that they’re not supposed to. Whenever you receive a message, you don’t want your partner to know where it’s coming from or what it says.

2. You hide your receipts.

You literally don’t want to leave a paper trail. You don’t want your partner to know about how much you’ve been spending and what it is you’ve been spending your money on. That’s why you make an effort to hide your receipts.

3. You don’t give full details about plans with friends.

You don’t really give your partner full details about the plans that you have with your friends. You don’t want them to know about everything that you’re up to because you wouldn’t want them to piece all the pieces of the puzzle.

4. You find it so easy to lie the more you do it.

It’s as if you’ve become so desensitized to lying to your partner that you find it so easy to lie to them the more that you do it. You don’t really see anything wrong with what you’re doing anymore.

5. You always act a little paranoid.

You always get really paranoid in your relationship. You never feel comfortable because you are hiding so many things. You get a feeling that you’re going to get found out at any minute. And that’s why you constantly feel uneasy and paranoid.

6. You become afraid whenever your partner picks up your phone.

You aren’t even sure if you have anything incriminating in your phone that your partner would find. The fact of the matter is that you’re nervous because there is a possibility that they will find something that you wouldn’t want them to see. And that is a blatant sign of dishonesty on your part.

7. You overcompensate by being extra sweet.

You know that you are guilty for lying to your partner for all this time and that’s why you’re trying to overcompensate by being extra sweet and caring towards them. You want to be able to treat them well because of how dishonestly you treat them behind their back (and sometimes, to their face).

8. You have fantasies about your relationship ending.

And lastly, you have fantasies and daydreams about your relationship ending. You know that that is a very bad sign. Ideally, you would only ever be daydreaming about what your relationship has in store for you. You wouldn’t be fantasizing about having everything end. That is definitely a bad omen.

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