8 Downsides To Being An Alpha Woman Looking For A Relationship

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Alpha women are strong and independent individuals. They are women who have very strong convictions and they would never even hesitate to stand their ground. They are very opinionated and most of the time, they would never have any problems expressing their sentiments. They are usually very charismatic and it’s very easy for them to establish command of a room. If you are an alpha woman, then you probably understand the many perks and positives that come with your strong personality. But you also know that there are many downsides to being who you are. You can’t help it though. You are uncompromising in your character and you would never give up who you are just to get other people to like you. But there’s still a heavy tendency for you to rub people the wrong way because of your alpha personality. And that can be particularly troubling whenever you are looking to enter the dating scene. You think you’re ready for a relationship but you then soon discover that it’s not such a simple ask. Here are the many downsides to being an alpha woman looking for a relationship.

1. The people who meet you often consider you to be intimidating.

Just because people aren’t typically used to women having such strong and aggressive personalities, you will be seen as a blatant outlier. People will be intimidated by how different you are from the kind of women they are typically with. They will have a hard time grasping the idea of a woman who is actually strong and independent; a woman who doesn’t have to rely on others to take care of herself. They would treat you like some rarity that one would find in a museum.

2. Most men typically like to be with women they can take care of.

It’s just a fact of the world. Most men would prefer to be with women they can actually take care of. But the trouble with that is that you don’t really need a man to take care of you. You are perfectly fine with taking care of yourself. And with that kind of personality trait that you have, you will lead the men you are in a relationship with to believe that they are of little value to you. A lot of male ego is really dependent on how much their women need them in their lives.

3. You find it incredibly difficult allowing yourself to become vulnerable.

You’re just really not used to being placed in positions of vulnerability. You always think of yourself as someone who should constantly be put in a position of strength. You would never want other people to have the power to hurt you. You would never want to open yourself up to getting hurt in any capacity by anyone or anything. And you know that you would be doing just that by allowing yourself to become more open and vulnerable to people in relationships.

4. You are always reluctant to ask for help from others.

One of the greatest benefits of getting into a romantic relationship is actually getting the opportunity to face your toughest problems in life with someone you love at your side. But the sad thing about you as an alpha woman; you aren’t generally fond of asking people for help with your problems. You see it as a weakness whenever people ask for help.

5. You wouldn’t think twice about putting your career above your own relationship.

You are deeply ambitious and you are driven. It’s just something about your personality that you find yourself unable to change. But that means that you have a tendency to place your own personal ambitions above your own romantic needs. You are the type of person who would always place your career above your own love life and it’s tough finding a partner who would be okay with that.

6. You have to deal with the stereotype of women not being ambitious and driven.

You are so used to having people expect that you would settle for a mediocre lifestyle because they mistakenly believe that all women would be like that. You hate having to correct people on their bigoted beliefs and it can get very tiring when you find yourself constantly in a state of defense for who you are.

7. You have been called cold a lot.

You have a tendency to be a very no-nonsense person. You like to have fun every so often but most of the time, you like to put your head down and just grind through whatever work you need to get done. Because of this, your reluctance to have fun and loosen up every once in a while has led to other people branding you as cold.

8. You get bored too easily.

And lastly, mediocre men just bore you. And there are plenty of mediocre men out there. You might want to be in a relationship, but you can’t help that it bores you to be with men who don’t add much value to your life.

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