8 Excuses Guys Make To Get Out Of Commitment

Entering the world of relationships can sometimes feel like solving a puzzle, especially when guys share their thoughts about commitment. They might say things like “I’m just looking for something easy” or “Let’s go slow.” It might seem tricky, but understanding these phrases is like having a guide through the ups and downs of dating.

Come along as we unravel the mystery behind why guys say these things, exploring the honesty behind their words. Remember, talking openly is like having a helpful tool to understand the twists and turns of love and connection.

1. “I’m looking for something casual”

You know how sometimes guys say they’re just looking for something casual? Well, it’s like they’re saying, “I’m not really into the whole serious relationship thing right now.” It’s not about you, it’s more about where they are in life. They might be up for a good time, but not ready to dive into the deep end of commitment.

2. “I’m not ready to settle down”

Ever had a guy tell you he’s not ready to settle down? It’s like he’s saying, “Look, I’m still figuring things out, and committing to forever right now is a bit much.” It’s not a rejection, just a guy being honest about where he’s at. It doesn’t mean he won’t be ready someday; it’s just not on the cards for him at this moment.

3. “Would you consider being open?”

So, when a guy throws the “Would you consider being open?” card, it’s like he’s floating the idea of a more flexible relationship. It doesn’t mean he’s not interested, but rather he’s exploring options. It’s a way of saying, “Let’s keep things light and see where they go without putting too many labels on it.”

4. “I’m focusing on my career right now”

Ever heard a guy say he’s focusing on his career? It’s like he’s saying, “I’ve got big dreams, and right now, my 9-to-5 and climbing the career ladder are my main squeeze.” It’s not about avoiding commitment; he’s just juggling priorities. Relationships might not be on the front burner, but that doesn’t mean he’s not interested in you.

5. “Let’s keep things easy and fun for now”

When a guy suggests keeping things easy and fun, it’s like he’s highlighting a desire for a lighthearted connection. He’s not ruling out something more serious in the future, but right now, he’s all about enjoying the journey without too much pressure.

6. “I’ve been hurt before, and I’m not ready to jump in again”

If a guy opens up about being hurt in the past and not ready to jump into a new commitment, it’s like he’s saying, “I’ve got some emotional healing to do.” It’s not a rejection; it’s a way of being cautious with his heart. Give him some time, and he might come around when he feels more secure.

7. “Let’s take things slow”

If a guy suggests taking things slow, it’s like he’s advocating for a gradual approach to a relationship. It’s not a red flag; it’s an indication that he wants to build a solid foundation before diving headfirst into commitment.

8. “I’m not good at commitment”

When a guy admits he’s not great at commitment, it’s like he’s acknowledging a personal challenge. It’s not about you; it’s about his own comfort zone. If he’s willing to open up about it, he might be seeking understanding and patience.

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