8 Feelings to Let You Know That Your Relationship is Real

Don’t worry if you’re finding yourself experiencing an emotional low in your relationship, it doesn’t mean your relationship is bad, it just means your relationship is real.

People who crave relationships are usually people who are more in tune with their feelings and are more emotionally vulnerable. It can be emotionally overwhelming to entrust your love and passion to another person. It’s perfectly safe to expect that while you’re in an actual relationship, it’s a recipe for a roller coaster of emotions. Don’t believe anyone when they tell you that love will always be all rainbows and perfection. It won’t be. You’ll be thrust into a whirlpool of emotions and it can be difficult to maneuver your way to emotional safety. Don’t worry if you’re finding yourself experiencing an emotional low in your relationship, it doesn’t mean your relationship is bad, it just means your relationship is real.

Once you understand your feelings and the triggers behind them, it’s much easier to cope with them and find your way to absolute bliss together with your partner. Navigating through each other’s emotions can be a difficult task, but when done right, it can only spell good things for your relationship in the long run. Here are 10 perfectly normal feelings that let you know your relationship is real.

1. Nervousness

When you find yourself feeling anxious or nervous throughout various stretches in your relationship, know thatВ it is perfectly normal. There can be a variety of triggers for nervousness, your partner may seem emotionally unavailable, they may not be returning your calls, or they might be giving you the cold shoulder. Your nervousness is just the result of how much of yourself you’ve invested in the relationship. It also helps to deal with anxiety knowing that other people can feel the same way at any given moment too.

2. Sadness

Even our most favorite fairy tale stories have hints of sadness within them. If it weren’t for sadness, we would never get the chance to appreciate joy. Know that sadness is a natural part of relationships and a natural part of life in general. It is in moments of sadness where we crave for happiness and endless bliss. It is also because of sadness that we end up appreciating our happy moments more when they come our way.

3. Ugliness

Know that you are beautiful despite your flaws and that you are loved despite of your shortcomings. We all have our vulnerabilities when it comes to how we look or how we conduct ourselves; and so it’s perfectly normal to feel ugly and inferior at times. There’s consolation in the fact that your partner sees beauty in you despite your deepest insecurities, and that you will always be appreciated despite of these. It’s okay to feel ugly at times, but know that your insecurities will never define who you are or how beautiful your relationship could be.В  – Continue reading on the next page

4. Discomfort

Discomfort is a perfectly normal sensation especially for those who aren’t used to exposing their deepest vulnerabilities to other people. When you’re in a relationship, you’re always going to be pushed out of your comfort zone in order to accommodate another person into your life. You make compromises and are compelled to do things you don’t necessarily want to do out of love for another. You just have to start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

5. Naivety

Being in a relationship is always a learning process. You won’t always have the answers right away. It’s a matter of weaving and bobbing your way out of trouble and that should be okay. Relationships shouldn’t always be about getting things right all the time; it’s about realizing that you can also get things wrong and that you don’t always have an answer for everything.

6. Anger and Frustration

You will get angry at each other. You will have fights. You will also get angry at yourself if you’re self-aware enough to understand your own shortcomings. You’re both in love with each other but you’re also very different people and you can’t always please each other. That’s perfectly normal for any relationships. They key is in determining how you can overcome that anger and how you can get back to that sweet spot of love. – Continue reading on the next page

7. Fatigue

There’s no secret about relationships being a lot of work. You always have to put in a lot of effort and you can find yourself being burned out a lot of times. But you should always just stick to it and continue to grind. Know that you’re not the only one who’s tired. Your partner is tired, and other people in other relationships share the same fatigue though. No need to fret, your love should be enough to sustain you in the long run.

8. Uneasiness

The future is uncertain; it could be dim or it could be bright. It’s normal for the future to make you uneasy about the state of your relationship. Can you make it work? No one knows for sure. But you can answer whether or not you’re willing to make it work. The key is in putting in the time and space for each other to flourish in love with each other.

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