8 Frustrating and Ridiculous Ways Men Test Women While Dating

If you’re in a relationship, this post is here to help you. It talks about how guys often test or check how you react when you’re dating. These tests can show you how they view and treat you. Sometimes, you might feel like the guy you’re dating is pushing your limits or being inconsistent in how he acts.

He might say things just to see how you respond or to tease you. And sometimes, he might be really passionate about something, even if it doesn’t interest you much. This post aims to shed light on these common dating situations. Let’s dive in.

1. Playing Hard to Get

Some guys like to act distant or aloof to see if a woman will chase them. They might take a long time to respond to messages or cancel plans last minute. It’s a confusing game, but if a man plays too hard to get, it can be frustrating for the woman.

2. The Jealousy Test

Sometimes, men try to make women jealous by mentioning other women or flirting with them in front of their date. This can lead to unnecessary problems and make the relationship feel uncomfortable. It’s better to have an honest conversation about your feelings and concerns to avoid misunderstandings and find a healthier way to relate to each other.

3. The Silent Treatment

Sometimes, guys may stop talking to you without saying why, as a way to see if you’ll try to talk to them. In these situations, it’s important to focus on talking openly and clearly to find out what’s happening and how you both feel.

4. The “Let’s Just Be Friends” Twist

Sometimes, guys may begin a relationship with romantic feelings, but then unexpectedly say they want to be “just friends,” which can be confusing. If you want to understand the situation better and want more from the relationship, it’s important to talk openly about what you expect. Don’t be afraid to express your feelings and thoughts so that both of you can find a solution together.

5. The Ex Talk

There are times when guys often talk about their past relationships, maybe to see how you react or to make you feel jealous. If this occurs, it’s crucial to openly discuss your feelings about the subject. This way, you can clear up any misunderstandings and better understand each other.

6. Testing Your Patience

In certain situations, men may test your patience by being consistently late or canceling plans at the last minute. While being flexible is important, respecting each other’s time is equally crucial. Communication about punctuality and expectations can help avoid frustration.

7. The Push and Pull Routine

Sometimes, men might push you away one moment and then pull you closer the next, which can be confusing. But it’s a good idea to have an open conversation about your feelings and the direction of the relationship. This way, you can both understand each other better and avoid confusion.

8. The Competition Test

Sometimes, guys might want you to compete with others for their attention, which can be exhausting. But it’s important to remember that a good relationship is built on mutual respect and understanding, not on trying to outdo others.

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