8 Harsh Truths About Relationships You Need To Accept Now

It can be very easy and tempting to think that your relationship is as unique and as special as everyone else’s. You might want to believe that you have an out-of-this-world kind of relationship that everyone might be envious of. But there’s the hard truth that you need to hear right now: it’s likely that your relationship is just like everybody else’s. Remember that all relationships are going to require a lot of effort and dedication from both people involved if they’re going to last. You aren’t always going to have the best time in your relationship. You aren’t always going to be going through smooth sails with your partner. You are going to discover that happiness isn’t always going to be so easy to come by in a relationship; and that’s all a part of it.

No matter how much you love one another, you are never assured of success in your relationships. No matter how much effort you put in your relationships, you aren’t always going to be able to guarantee that your relationship is going to last. You can love someone so much and you might think that they’re the perfect one for you; but they’re still going to disappoint you somehow. There are just some truths that you need to accept now if you’re going to be in a relationship. And if you refuse to accept these truths, then that might be a sign that you’re just far too immature to be in a relationship right now.

1. A person you are initially attracted to is eventually going to drive you crazy.

Sure, you might think that you are crazy about this person at first (in a good way). But it won’t be too long before you start to be driven crazy by this same individual. The same things that used to endear you to this person will also be the same things that will really irritate you.

2. It’s likely that your “soulmate” doesn’t exist.

The whole idea that love is tied to a person’s fate and destiny is likely to be completely untrue. You can’t just keep on waiting for love to fall into your lap because it doesn’t work that way. You can’t be complacent in a relationship because you believe that you’re with “the one”. You always need to own up to your relationship. You can’t afford to be taking your partner for granted. You can’t afford to be acting like things are going to turn out alright for you without you having to put an effort into things.

3. Bad timing can trump a good love.

You can be super in love with someone. You can be in a really good relationship with a person who you just get along with fairly well. But at the end of the day, if the timing is off, things just aren’t going to work out for either of you. No matter how noble your intentions are; no matter how genuine your love might be, you always need timing to be on your side if you want to make things work in your relationship.

4. Passion isn’t always going to be consistent in your relationship.

Passion isn’t something that grows on a consistent or exponential basis. In fact, passion can fluctuate. There will be some days wherein your passion for your partner will be hard to contain. And there will be some days wherein you will struggle to find any passion at all. That’s okay. That’s completely normal and it’s something that you just have to learn to deal with.

5. Having different values in a relationship can result in severe incompatibility.

At the end of the day, even if you love one another, your incompatibility can kill your relationship. That’s why it’s important that you share as many similar values and principles as you can with your partner.

6. There will be moments wherein you will feel completely miserable in your relationship.

You aren’t always going to be feeling bright and happy. You aren’t even going to be feeling average and content all of the time. There will be moments in your relationship wherein you will feel downright miserable. There will be times wherein you will question your entire relationship as a whole just because of how devastated you are. It’s important that you are able to push through these moments.

7. You are likely to have unreasonable expectations in your relationship.

You are bound to have unmet expectations in your relationship – and a lot of the time, it’s going to be your own fault. You always have to learn to be more reasonable with your expectations. The more reasonable your expectations are, the less likely you’re going to be disappointed.

8. Even relationship experts are going to struggle in their relationships.

Even the most experienced and seasoned of us are going to struggle in their relationships. And that’s why you shouldn’t feel so bad about the fact that you have to work so hard to make your relationship last.

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