8 Innocent Moments That Make You Miss The Single Life

Being single and being committed, both have their perks and flaws. Which wouldВ you prefer?

It’s a rare privilege to be engaged in a caring and nurturing relationship. The gift of love is something that you should never ever take for granted. It takes a great deal of commitment to make a relationship work, and if it’s going well for you, you should always be thankful. There are millions of single people who are desperate to find the kind of love that you currently have, and you have no reason to complain.

But you’re human and sometimes, you just can’t help it. You don’t REALLY want to be single again. You love your boyfriend but there are times where you just can’t help but think about the single people who have it better than you do. You innocently daydream about how things would be different had you not been in a relationship. You don’t really wish any harm on your relationship status though, you’re comfortable fine with being in a relationship, but it’s not a sin to let the imagination go wild right?

Here are 8 innocent moments that make you miss the single life:

1. When You Realize That You Have Lost Full Rights to Television Control

Nope. It’s sad. You no longer have full ownership of the television and you will have to give way occasionally. There will be days where you just want to curl up on the couch and binge on Netflix, but he’ll have the important game already on. Your plans have been foiled and you will have to pick your battles on this one.

2. When You Have Date Commitments But You Would Rather Just Really Stay at Home and Lounge Around

You’ve already agreed to date night a week in advance. He’s really excited to take you out and he’s got everything elaborately planned for the both of you. The night of the date rolls around and you really don’t feel like getting ready or stepping out of the house. You just want to snuggle up in bed with a good book and a good glass of wine. You’re torn between breaking his heart by cancelling or just getting your lazy butt out of bed.В – Continue reading on the next page

3. When He Asks You To Share the Blanket

There are few things that surpass the level of comfort of just wrapping yourself up tightly in a cozy blanket. There’s nothing quite like feeling like a toasty little burrito buried in the warmth of a nice comforter. When you’re sharing a bed with someone though, you’ll have to be open to the idea of sharing that blanket too. Unless you get individual blankets for each other, then maybe that could solve the problem right?

4. When You Have to Behave On Social Media Because His Parents Are Your Facebook Friends

That tagged photo of you acting really drunk in a bar with your girlfriends? Yeah, you’re going to have to remove that tag. You don’t want his mom browsing her news feed and seeing her son’s girlfriend dry humping other ladies in a cramped club. You can no longer be the wild animal you were once allowed to be.

5. When You Have to Adjust Your Clothing Style to Make His Family Like You

You don’t particularly like wearing dresses and cardigans but you know those are the kinds of clothes that his family is into and so you decide to take one for the team. You love your man so much, that you’re willing to draft an entirely new set of clothes just to make sure his family will be okay with you being his girlfriend.В – Continue reading on the next page

6. When You Have to Give Up Plans With The Girls to Make Way for Him

There’s nothing that compares to a fun night out with the girls. There’s just a different kind of fun and camaraderie that your girl squad can provide. However, if the boyfriend wants to hang out with you on Friday night, you have to make the tough decision. Do you give in to your selfish desires or do you be a good girlfriend? Single people don’t have to bear these kinds of struggles.

7. When You’re Budgeting For Two People, And Not Just For Yourself Anymore

Want to get that designer bag that you’ve been eyeing at the mall for a month now? Nope. Stop being financially irresponsible. Your boyfriend’s birthday is coming up and you need to get him that gift he’s been dropping hints about. You’re no longer budgeting for just yourself and your wallet is not entirely your own anymore. Say goodbye to irresponsible spending and say hello to adulthood.

8. When You Have to Control Your Natural Flirty Self

You can’t help it. You would never cheat on your boyfriend. Of course not. But when a fine piece of meat catches your eye, you just can’t help but feel that tinge of sadness knowing you’re not single and available to mingle anymore. Single ladies, you get to have all the fun well, most of it anyway.

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