8 lies ˜nice guys’ will tell you and why you should not believe them

The term ˜nice guy’ is used for those guys who grab a girl’s attention by constantly trying to prove that they are nice, even if they are not. Girls tend to fall for guys who pretend to listen to them all day, give them extravagant compliments and continuously mention how ˜nice’ they are to take care of her every time she needs something.

This is a very different category of men because you can never know what is actually going on beneath that nice behavior of these men.

So here are a few lies that they will tell you why you have to be on a lookout for them:

  1. I am nicer to you than any other guy

A man who considers himself nice for you will keep mentioning the fact how good he is with you as compared to other guys you would have ever encountered. At one point, he will even take the argument to a level where you might think that you are trash and he is the only good thing that could ever happen to you.

Do not forget that if you had not agreed to go on a second date, this guy would still be waiting for your call. You don’t have to feel obliged to him and consider yourself some kind of a pushover because he will make sure that you know that no other guy would have asked you out if it wasn’t for him. He will make you feel just a little lower than himself and make sure that you are in your place because you cannot find anyone nicer than them ever.

He will point out every bad relationship of yours in the past and make you feel bad about it. He will ridicule all the other guys and make sure that the conversation ends where he is the nicest of all.

  1. I deserve all the chances because I am nice

So if he screws up, which he definitely will, he will expect you to give him multiple chances because he deserves it. He has been so nice to you all this time and even kept count of everything good he did for you so you owe him that much.

There is a fine line between being actually nice and forcing someone to think that you are nice.

So if you can distinguish between the two, no problem. But if you cannot, then you are in big trouble because you will end up in the same emotional drama for a very long time and it will just make you miserable beyond your endurance.

These guys will never give up so easily because they get something so good for so little effort and who would throw that away? So they will manipulate you in every way that they can.

They will use every source of social media to convey their message and soon your inbox will be full of e-mails and messages to give them a chance. You will find flowers on your desk, cute notes under your door, anonymous gifts until you crack and decide to give it a try.

Even on a first date when you seem reluctant to go out again, they will keep you engaged in the conversation until you say yes for a second date.

  1. I always get friend-zoned

The one thing that these guys lie the most about is getting friend-zoned. Every new girl is a new target for them and if she does not seem interested in them then they opt for the sympathy vote. Telling a girl that he gets rejected by every girl and gets friend-zoned because he is too nice and girls like bad boys does the trick.

A girl never accepts the fact that she would prefer a bad guy over a nice guy so she would think why not give this a shot. And bam! He just convinced to go out with him. But even if you do not agree to go out with him and want to keep him as a friend, he will not just agree on that. The friendship comes with a cost and you have to devote yourself to that friendship otherwise his feelings will get hurt beyond repair.

Being friend-zoned is not usually in their plans because that would mean a lot of effort until you agree that he can be something more than that. But that is not true. Not every guy gets friend-zoned but they surely make a great deal out of it to get with girls.

  1. I am a rare gem

You can search the whole world but will not find someone like him. This is the commonest thing you will get to hear again and again because to them, it’s true. The only reason why this sentence is used is to get into your pants.

A guy who really respects you will not rush you into anything and will wait for you consider getting intimate with him. Whereas nice guys will use everything and anything in their power to convince you to have sex with them because you will not find anybody like them again.

Getting with them would be your life’s biggest moment and because they are so special you might even feel special once in your life too. A nice guy does not shout out that he is nice. His actions prove that he is nice.

He does not have to convince you through big talks that he is worthy enough rather you get convinced by his ways and manners if he really is good enough. These guys also think highly of their looks and no matter how pretty you are, they are the ones settling with you.

  1. I am very decent so I am nice

Just because he opened a door for you does not make him a nice guy. Guys that really want a girl to go out with them will try every little perk in the book to convince you that they nice. He will not ask you before advancing on you and stop only when you show how uncomfortable you are. A really good guy will wait for you to show some kind of signal that you are ready for something more.

A ˜nice guy’ will do whatever he wants to do and if you stop him he will apologize for his manners and start acting decent. Decency is not when you have to be told to stay in your limits, it comes from within and you do not have to be guided to be nice.

They will show all kinds of decent etiquettes whenever you are somewhere out on a date but their apartment will be messy and they will show you no courtesy when you are alone.

  1. I don’t like your other friends because they hit on you

These guys cannot bear the thought that you can be friends with another male. They will constantly bash him and even if you are in a very honest friendship they will tint it with over-protectiveness and jealousy.

They will tell you how your friend was actually hitting on you when you did not even realize and lie about them behind their back. To them every guy just wants to have sex with you and you should stay as much far away from them as possible because only he is good for you. Even if you are not dating this nice guy, he will not let you date anyone else. He deserves to be with you so no one else should have a chance.

He will not care about what you want but will tell you that the reason why should not date anyone else is that no one is nice these days. No one is worthy enough to be with you except him and that is why you should consider him before anyone else.

  1. I don’t have anyone else other than you

A nice guy will make you feel like it is your duty to take care of his every little need because apparently you are the only most important person in his life. He will have a huge social circle and he will hang out with his friends almost every day but when you will have to go somewhere or attend an event where he cannot go then he will try to keep you close to him.

He will make you feel like you are the most significant part of his life and that is him being nice because then you can get all his attention.

In reality he just wants you to isolate yourself from everyone else and devote yourself to him because he is the only guy that was ever nice to you. In the end all you are left with is broken friendships and forgotten family and before you realize even he leaves and you are left with a pile of lies that he told you all this time.

  1. I should be treated differently because I am nicer than others

Even when you are not really in a relationship with such a guy, he will expect to get special treatment from you because he deserves it. He showed interest in you and that should be enough for you to consider him something he really is not.

It is like a constant burden on your shoulders because you have to worry about something that does not even exist. Being nice means that you care for others but the guys who consider themselves nice are in it for just their own selves.

They will compare themselves to everybody else in your social circle and convince you that they better than them because they are good to you.

Even if you are friends with someone for a very long time, they will just put that aside and expect you to treat them like you owe them the courtesy. They think that they are nice because they say they are nice.

They really do not have to do anything to be nice. They brag about anything they do and expect you to believe it all without any doubt because you are just a damsel in distress and only they can save you.

Being nice comes from within. You cannot just call yourself nice and expect everyone to accept it forcefully. Being a girl, it is very hard to lookout for such things happening everyday around me but catching these lies is necessary for a peaceful mind and soul.

One bad relationship with the ˜nice guy’ can mess you up for a very long time and it is important that you catch these lies before they creep up in your soul and become a part of it.

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