8 Manipulative Games Women Sometimes Play in Relationships

When it comes to dating and relationships, things can get a bit tricky. Sometimes, both men and women play games to get what they want. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the games that women might play when they’re dating guys. Understanding these games can help guys have better relationships. But remember, games and manipulation aren’t good for anyone. Healthy relationships are all about trust, respect, and talking honestly with each other.

1. Praising

Sometimes, women use praise to manipulate their partners. They might shower you with compliments excessively to gain favors or control. It’s important to be polite when someone says something nice to you, but also be careful if it feels like they’re not being honest or want something in return.

2. Avoiding

In relationships, some women might use tricks to make things confusing or have more control. They could avoid talking about important stuff, avoid doing things they should, or disappear sometimes to make you worried and want to be close to them.

3. Playing Hard to Get

Sometimes women may act distant or uninterested to make you chase them. They do this to feel good about themselves or to see if you really care. It’s important to figure out if this is just a playful game or if it’s a sign of them trying to control you in a bad way.

4. Emotional Blackmail

Emotional manipulation can mean making you feel bad or like it’s your fault for how they feel. They do this to get what they want or make you do what they want. Women often employ this tactic to gain attention or make you cater to their desires, and it’s essential to recognize such behavior to maintain healthy boundaries in relationships.

5. Silent Treatment

In relationships, some women use the silent treatment to control their partners. They do this by not talking and making the atmosphere tense and uncomfortable. This can make their partners feel bad and anxious, so they might give in to what the woman wants. It’s essential to notice this behavior and talk about it to have a good and open relationship.

6. Gaslighting

Some women might use a tricky tactic called gaslighting to control their partners. It means making the partner doubt their own thoughts and feelings. They might say things like they never said or twist the truth to make the partner feel confused and unsure. This is done to gain power and make the partner feel like they’re always wrong. It’s important to recognize gaslighting to have a healthy and honest relationship built on trust and understanding.

7. Love as a Bargaining Chip

Sometimes women might use love like a tool to get their way. They could threaten to stop being loving or affectionate if they don’t get what they want. This can make their partners feel stressed and pushed to do things they might not want to do. It’s important to notice when this happens and talk openly to have a healthy relationship based on real love and understanding.

8. Flirting with Others

Women often flirt with others on purpose to make their partners feel jealous or insecure. They do this to have more control or make their partners do what they want. It’s important to notice when this happens and talk about it to have a good and respectful relationship.

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