8 Mistakes Women Make When Trying to Attract Men

If you’re not in a relationship and finding it hard to meet the right person, it could be because of how you’re approaching dating. You might be making some mistakes, even if you don’t mean to, that could push away the guy you’re hoping for. From trying too much to not trying enough, women might not realize how small things can affect things.

Here are eight things women should steer clear of when they want to catch the eye of their dream guy.

1. Keep him waiting

Whoever thought being late is cool clearly didn’t think about getting a date. People say women are often late, but that’s not true for everyone. Try being on time to show him you care about his time, and he matters to you. He’ll notice you trying to be punctual.

2. Dress skimpy

You might think looking like some famous stars is the way to get your dream guy’s attention. But honestly, not everyone can wear super revealing clothes. And if you show too much skin, you might seem like you’re trying too hard. The important thing is to feel good in what you wear. So, don’t forget how great you can look in simple jeans and a comfy t-shirt.

3. Wear too much make up

Wearing very little clothing isn’t good, but wearing too much makeup is even worse. Obviously, you want to impress this guy, but putting on way too much makeup can actually make him back off. That doesn’t mean you should go without makeup entirely. Just use a bit to make your natural beauty shine. We’re pretty sure he won’t be able to look away!

4. Starve yourself

Many young women worldwide deal with this problem. We’re not suggesting unhealthy eating, but don’t make yourself sad by not enjoying food. Trust us, many guys find women with some curves attractive. And when you’re on a date, who wants to eat alone?

5. Talk about other men

Thinking about making him jealous? Well, that’s kind of old and doesn’t really work now. Actually, mentioning other guys, ex-boyfriends, and such can make him lose interest. If you like this guy, show him he’s important by talking about him, not other guys.

6. Be someone else

Men appreciate women who are real and true. So, don’t change who you are just to make others happy. Acting like someone else isn’t enjoyable for you or for him. Also, do you really want to be with someone who likes you for being fake?

7. Wrong body language

Your body can say things without you saying a word. So, be careful not to send the wrong messages. You don’t want to seem like you’re not respectful. Stay elegant and move confidently.

8. Negativity

If you’re feeling not so great about yourself or enjoy being in tough situations, constantly being negative and having negative thoughts can be a problem. You might want to try meditation or get help from a professional if you’re always feeling negative. Remember, if you don’t treat yourself well, others won’t either.

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