8 Mushy Things Girls Do at The Beginning of a Relationship!

1. Blush:

Girls blush very often and very easily. At the beginning of her relationship, she’ll blush like crazy if she receives a text from her boyfriend no matter where she is or who she’s with. The thought of him gives her butterflies in her stomach, and that shows in the way she smiles when she’s blushing.

2. Incessantly texting him:

the spark of a newly started relationship feels lovely, sometimes wonderfully so. Wanting to be around someone you just got into a relationship with is very expected. She’s going to end up sending him lots and lots of messages every day. She’s going to fill him in on all the details of her day, she’s going tell him she loves him over texts like 20 times a day, she’s even going to flirt with him on texts during her day, there will be at least several selfies and a dozen funny messages because why not?

2. Show him off:

the girl is going to show him off whenever she gets a chance. We’ve all been guilty of it anyway. She won’t miss a chance of clicking pictures with him and uploading them all over her social media for everyone to see. He’s cute, and she wants everyone to see it. Never-ending phone calls: she knows she’ll probably be dead sleepy the next morning, but when the relationships have just stated off then the girl isn’t going to miss out a call with her boyfriend that will last through the night, right up till dawn for anything in the world.

She just can’t have enough of how magical everything feels. Always calling him mushy things: of course, he has a name but what’s better than calling him by his name is calling him mushy, super sweet things. It’s so cute that girls just cannot resist it.

3. Giving him a nickname:

girls want to call their boyfriends, especially one they’ve only just started a relationship with, something no one else calls them. It is adorable! They try hard to come up with something dangerously cute and hope their boyfriends approve of the nickname they just came up with.

4. Take extra care of yourself:

a girl doesn’t just love taking care of her boyfriend, she starts going all the way in self-care when she has recently started dating someone. Manicures, pedicures, a new hair dye, a new shade of red lipstick every day, a cute dress and whatnot. It may sound a little over the top, but it is very natural to look like your ready date any minute of the day.

5. Cook for him:

Women love to call their new boyfriends over and cook something sweet for them. It’s a very romantic way of letting someone know you really appreciate them. Oh, and it works perfectly! Even if they haven’t stepped into the kitchen for months, loving off takeaways, when it comes to the new boyfriend, she’s going to want to cook.

6. Randomly mention him in a conversation:

She going to randomly say his name while she’s talking to Susan about something. “You hate margarine?! Oh my god, you know what? Sam hates it too. He can’t stand it. Isn’t that strange?” yes, that’s going to happen for sure. All because he never leaves her thoughts. She’s always thinking of him throughout her day, and it just shows in her conversations. Get possessive: this is something that will last through the entire time she’s in a relationship with him but even then, when its new, she’s going to be super possessive about him because well, she’s a little overwhelmed with happiness and that’s okay.

7. Ask him before getting something for herself:

She’s going to send his pictures and ask him what he thinks about what she’s buying while he’s out shopping. She wants to make sure she’s getting herself something he will love too. She’s going to buy it in the blink of an eye if he says he loves it.

8. Do something special for him:

she’s going to do special things for him while they’re still in the early stages of the relationship. She’ll buy him wine on the way to his house, pick up his favorite takeaway, take his dog out for a walk when he can’t, wear the dress he loves the most on a date, call him and ask him about how his day as every night, wake him up for work with her calls in the mornings. She’s going to find reasons to be around him all the time.

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