8 Out Of 10 Women Want You To Do This To Them In The Bedroom

Ladies, how many of you actually liked Fifty Shades?

This is the cold hard truth: we are all sexual creatures carrying our own sexual fantasies. OF course, we aren’t always allowed to have these fantasies materialize in reality. We aren’t always able to have sex like they do in those pornographic films. We aren’t always going to be able to perform at mind-boggling levels. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t try.

Of course, part of being able to perform well in the bedroom is knowing just what it is your girl wants you to be doing to her. But how do you know that? Of course, a woman isn’t necessarily going to be so upfront about what she wants from you in bed – especially if you’ve just started dating or are just having a one-night stand.

You don’t always have the opportunity to know about their sexual inclinations without first developing a rhythm with them beforehand. So in this kind of scenario, you are essentially trying to take a shot in the dark.

Or maybe you’re in a long relationship after all. And you’re with a girl who you have a pretty active and healthy sex life with. But lately, you feel like the quality of the sex has been dwindling. And you can’t quite put your finger on it.

You can’t figure out why. Is it something you’re doing? Or not doing? Is there something more that you could be doing, perhaps? Well, a recent survey was conducted by a team of relationship experts regarding the sexual preferences of women. And if you’re curious to find out what you can do to improve your performance in the bedroom, then read this article in its entirety.

1. She wants you to talk dirty to her.

A whopping 81% of women have confirmed that they wished their sexual partners would engage in dirty talk a lot more often while in the bedroom. Psychologists and experts have said that this is due to the human brain’s capacity as being the most powerful sex organ in the body.

The more that the brain gets stimulated during sex, then the more pleasure a person is going to be able to derive from the experience as a whole. Now as to what kind of dirty talk you’re supposed to be engaging in, that’s entirely up to you. It all really depends on the kinds of personalities that you have as well – and what you’re able to pull off with one another. It’s also important that you don’t come off as unnatural and overly uncharacteristic.

There’s also something incredibly liberating about talking dirty to your partner in the bedroom. Think about it. It’s the only acceptable place and event where you can say these things to one another. It’s also a sexy and intimate way to engage in conversation while having sex with one another. You’re still communicating with your bodies and your voices.

2. Take her to the strip club to help get her into the mood.

Now this may surprise you, but 7/10 women said they would want to try visiting a strip club before engaging in sexual intercourse with their partners. Experts have concluded that it’s because of the psychological effects that the atmosphere of a strip club can have on the mind.

There is a certain sexual energy that is present in these strip clubs. And that kind of energy carries over into having really fun times in the bedroom. There’s just something incredibly stimulating about going to a strip club that is filled with sexual energy before actually having sex.

3. Make use of all sorts of toys and specially designed objects.

Now this may come as another surprise, but 6/10 women have confessed to wishing to have all sorts of sex toys and paraphernalia in the bedroom while having sex. These foreign objects add a whole dynamic to the routine, drastically increasing the possibilities of what the two of you can do together in the bedroom.

There are so many products in the market that are purely designed to simulate pleasure for both men and women. It’s all a matter of experimentation.

4. Make use of blindfolds and handcuffs to subdue her.

And whether you like it or not, you must take control. 8/10 women have confirmed that they like to be with men who know how to command a sexual situation. And so, using blindfolds and handcuffs would be great – they completely disabled her. And so everything is up to you to make the night as grand and memorable as possible. She wants to let you do anything that you want to her passively.

Ladies, speak up

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