8 Phenomenal Signs Your Partner Is Crazy In Love With You

When it comes to love, it’s not always about big things like gifts or fancy gestures. Sometimes, it’s the small stuff that shows how much someone cares. Ever wondered if your partner’s love is extra special? Well, we’re here to talk about the little signs that say, “Hey, I’m crazy about you!” From texting all the time to sharing jokes, these signs show that your partner’s love is not just normal – it’s a bit wild.

So, let’s take a simple trip into the world of love and see how to tell if your partner is totally, head over heels, crazy in love with you.

1. Thoughtful Gestures

Little surprises go a long way in showcasing deep affection. If your partner consistently brings your favorite snack or remembers the details of your day, they’re not just thoughtful—they’re smitten. These gestures are like love notes written in actions, proving their crazy love in a sweet and simple way.

2. Genuine Interest in Your Life

When your partner becomes your biggest cheerleader, celebrating your victories and comforting you in defeats, you’ve got a love that’s beyond ordinary. Their genuine interest in your dreams and struggles is a clear indication that they’re not just along for the ride, but actively invested in your journey.

3. They Know You Inside Out

From your favorite movie quotes to the way you take your coffee, a partner deeply in love notices and cherishes these details. When someone pays attention to the little things that make you who you are, it’s a sign that their love is not just on the surface but rooted in a genuine connection that goes beyond the ordinary.

4. Playful Teasing and Inside Jokes

Laughter is the language of love, and a partner deeply smitten will share a repertoire of inside jokes and playful teasing that’s exclusive to the two of you. It’s like having your own secret language, a playful reminder that your connection is unique and filled with shared moments that no one else quite understands.

5. They Respect Your Independence

Crazy love doesn’t mean losing yourself in the relationship. A partner truly crazy about you respects your individuality and encourages your personal growth. They celebrate your achievements and give you the space to pursue your passions, understanding that a healthy relationship is built on two fulfilled individuals coming together.

6. Physical Affection Speaks Volumes

Beyond words, physical touch becomes a powerful communicator of love. Whether it’s a lingering hug, a gentle touch, or an affectionate kiss, the physical connection between you and your partner is a vivid expression of the crazy love they feel. Actions like these bridge the gap between spoken affection and tangible proof of their deep feelings.

7. Planning a Future Together

When your partner starts talking about future plans that include both of you, it’s a clear sign of their long-term commitment. Whether it’s discussing dream vacations, home decor, or even potential family plans, their eagerness to build a future together is a solid indicator that their love is not just for the present but for the journey ahead.

8. They Listen, Really Listen

In a world filled with noise, a partner who genuinely listens is a rare gem. When they not only hear your words but understand the emotions behind them, it’s a testament to their deep connection with you. True love is in the details, and their attentive listening shows that every word you say matters to them.

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  1. I did all this and more. My ex fiancé didn’t want that evidently. I loved her and I cared for her so much but she didn’t want it.

    1. Wow I’m sad to see I’m not the only one dealing with this situation. I told my fiancé normal people WANT to be wanted and appreciate affection. She doesn’t. Not sure how much longer I’ll try

      1. Leave! Leave now!
        Sorry, but if she isn’t into affection and feeling wanted, it’s never gonna work. After being in a relationship for 4yrs without it, it does something to ur soul and makes you feel so empty.

    2. Women:sounds about right.its like that old Facebook post.
      Don’t try to understand women,only women understand women,and they all hate eh. other.

  2. My partner listens to me a lot, he cares for me, even though he is too busy in his works but he calls me to know whether I ate or not, how I am doing and all. He is planning his future plans with me, I feel I am damm lucky to get him in my life.i am blessed. He is so sweet. He shown me what true love will be.

  3. My ex and I split about 4 months ago she claims to not remember much of it and does all of these things. I keep stonewalling her because she hurt me pretty good and it’s easy to assume she’s “running back” but she supposedly has not been with anyone else, and I just can’t tell what’s real and what’s a show anymore.

  4. It’s the little things like Love letters and poems that mean the most to me. The small gestures of love come through when it’s real. I feel so blessed to have a man like I’ve got

  5. These online communications like social apps pose challenges on many relationships nowadays. We must be on guard always and pray for GOD’s blessings, guidance, and protection.🙏🙏

  6. Me and my husband have 6 out of 10 but what does it mean when my husband chats with women on line and say he is single and when i look at. His phone he tells me he lpves. Me and don’t worry about it they are far away

  7. Marie, Your husband has every right to have female friends! He does not have the right to “flirt” with other women! Their is a line that should never be crossed and I believe he has crossed it!

  8. I have all this but nobody ever listens to me except on social media And he’s constantly beating down my throat just be happy don’t be miserable I swear it’s like living with Mary Poppins he’s like a narcissis spoils me but throws it in my face takes me places we travel everywhere and when we go out I’m not friendly enough because I’ve been threw hell and back I don’t want to go out I’m in sobriety I don’t want to drink or party he thinks he doesn’t have any problems he’s perfect just because like everyone likes him he makes it seem like I’m always the problem!!! I’m trying to turn my life around and I have but I don’t want to go out I just wanna stay home with my dog!! Or goto movies or out to eat alone with him no always with his entire family I mean everyone it’s annoying!! And he’s always the one paying nobody else he throws money around to make everyone like him I’m over it I’d rather work and live with my dog!!! Makes me feel horrible e everyday!! I don’t know if we are going to make it to 6 years in 0ctober??? Alone seems so much better!!! I was alone for 3 years after my ex husband!! And it was easy!!! It’s easy now because I don’t need to work but the relationship shouldn’t be this hard he starts with me and I stick up for myself and he calls me mental because I have depression and anxiety issues from my ex husband!!! I just wanna pack
    up and leave with my dog!!!!

  9. I was dating a 7 to 8 years older woman than as we were dating we had all of them but for some reason she didn’t want them all because she was into to much drama she told she wanted to be like a young woman and wasn’t ready for anything serious everything we had all fake from her point of view so now is like well I guess I’ll just wait and see what God has for me.

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