8 Real Reasons Why Blunt People Make For The Best Friends

A lot of people can look down on the word “blunt” and take it to be an insult. But what exactly does it mean to be a blunt person? Well, to put it simply, a blunt individual is someone who is straightforward; someone who isn’t known to mince words. A blunt person is someone who isn’t shy about calling things like they are. And why would you ever want to be friends with that kind of person, right? Why would you ever want to be around someone who doesn’t have a filter; someone who says mean things to you all of the time? Why would you want to spend time with someone who would say stuff that could potentially hurt you?

A lot of us will hide how we really feel so as not to be offensive towards other people. We will try to filter our words or we will try to censor ourselves in an effort to be more likable and easier to be around. However, blunt people don’t necessarily operate in the same manner. Blunt people don’t necessarily feel the need to censor themselves or filter their words. And as weird as it might sound, blunt people actually make for really really good friends. In fact, they make for the absolute greatest friends. And there’s a perfectly logical explanation for this. Blunt people are individuals who tend to be very honest. There is no sense of pretension about them. They don’t try to buy anything other than who they really are on the inside. They are as genuine as can be, and they don’t feel the need to put on a show to patronize the people around them. They are very expressive, and they are unapologetic about it.

A normal person would try to mask who they really are or what they really feel with niceties and fake compliments. But a blunt person wouldn’t have to really worry about going through all of that crap. Blunt people aren’t really in the business of flattering themselves or flattering others. They like to say whatever is truly on their minds and in their hearts. They are very honest, and you would never have to worry about wondering whether they’re being sincere or not. They don’t really TRY to be offensive or off-putting. However, they can’t help but say what they believe to be the truth. And a lot of times, the truth hurts. A lot of times, people aren’t really equipped to handle the truth; and they end up hating the messenger of this truth – the blunt person.

But ultimately, you have to know that having a blunt friend means having someone who is ALWAYs going to be looking out for your personal best interests. It means you’re going to have a person who is going to keep it real with you even when everyone else is practically lying to your face.

1. They always stay honest.

You know that you would never have to doubt what this person is going to tell you. You can always bet that they’re keeping it real.

2. They have no problems with apologizing.

They don’t have any sense of ego or pride whatsoever. They willingly acknowledge whenever they are wrong, and they would apologize right away.

3. They are always fun to be with.

It might not be so fun whenever you’re the subject of their honesty, but it’s always interesting to be around a person who doesn’t always subscribe to society’s accepted norms and standards of behavior.

4. They maintain very open minds.

They always have open minds. These blunt people know that nobody’s perfect; and that there is always room for growth and development in a person’s life.

5. They will never talk about you behind your back.

Blunt people would never say behind your back something that they couldn’t tell you to your face. You can bet that they’re not really fond of gossip and that they will always come to you directly.

6. You know that they are 100% committed to being friends with you.

You know that they aren’t just “putting up” with you. They want to genuinely be your friend.

7. They force you to be a better version of yourself.

Blunt people are always going to bring out the best in you because they have this uncanny ability to keep people humble; to keep people on their toes.

8. They will never manipulate you.

They won’t be sly. They won’t be pulling any strings behind your back. You never have to worry about being manipulated by a blunt person.

Do you still doubt that blunt friends make for the absolute best friends in the world? Just try it out. Yes, it can be stressful to be hearing the truth a lot of the time; but it’s a whole lot better than being surrounded by people you can’t trust. You would never want to be surrounding yourself with individuals who deceive you and conceal the truth from you – even when it’s just done to protect you from your own feelings.

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