8 Real Women Tell The Truth About Why They Couldn’t Let Him Go

Letting go is never easy. Just ask these 8 women.

There’s just no denying that relationships are so hard. They’re so difficult to maintain. A lot of us can devote huge bulks of time, energy, emotion, and commitment to our relationships – but even a healthy combination of all these things might not be enough.

Whenever we get into relationships, we always hope for the best. We always genuinely hope that somehow, out of the effort that we put into our relationships, we can actually gain something special; something that is worth holding on to. And if we’re lucky enough, we actually land ourselves in relationships that succeed. We find ourselves in romances that are worth fighting for.

However, the opposite is also a possibility. There will be times wherein we find ourselves in relationships that just don’t seem like they’re built to last. Sometimes, there is a certain imbalance and dysfunction between two people in a relationship – and that just complicates things more than usual.

And it’s these kinds of relationships that are just so hard to let go of; just because it’s so hard to detach from something that you’ve invested so much of yourself in.

In some cases, you could be wanting him so much even when he doesn’t seem to be so into it anymore. In other cases, you’ve just grown so accustomed to having him around and so you don’t really want to face a world without him in it.

And breakups are never easy. It takes some people months – even years – before they can really get over a breakup. It’s a very dynamic issue and it varies for every kind of relationship. There are plenty of reasons as to why a person wouldn’t want to let another person go.

Relationships are inherently complex after all and all situations are always going to carry a sense of uniqueness about them.

If you’re interested in finding out the stories of 12 different women on the matter, then go ahead and read on.

“We had already been together for 3 full years before things just started going downhill. I didn’t want those 3 years to merely go to waste and so I clung on as tightly as I could.” – Therese, 30

Therese just thought that 3 years was far too long of a relationship to just throw down the drain. She knew that it was all over but she didn’t want to believe it.

“I stayed together with this guy even though I wasn’t really in love with him – and it was all because I was too afraid of being single again.” – Marie, 26

Marie wasn’t really in love – she was just afraid of being single. She didn’t want the stigma of singlehood to be attached to who she was. And so she settled for being in a relationship with someone she wasn’t really in love with.

“I just stuck with my boyfriend because I didn’t want to end up being regretful about letting him go.” – Courtney, 25

Sometimes, it’s the fear of regret that holds a person back from letting someone go – and that’s exactly what happened to Courtney in this case.

“I didn’t let my boyfriend go because he made me feel accepted; and that’s something I thought I would never find in anyone else. It didn’t matter that he didn’t make me feel magical and happy inside.” – Rachel, 33

For Rachel, she was just so used to being misunderstood by everyone. And so when a guy came along; someone who made her feel accepted and understood, she didn’t want to let him go – even if she wasn’t really in love with him.

“He constantly cheated on me; but I didn’t let him go because he kept telling me that he would change for me. And I kept on believing him.” – Isabelle, 19

Cheating is a big no-no in any kind of relationship. But Isabelle was too desperate. She didn’t want to let him go. She thought that he would eventually change for her. She kept on giving him second chances.

“I was dating an old professor from college; and we both knew that it was wrong. But I just couldn’t let him go because I thought the love we had was real.” – Maddy, 22

It’s the right love – but between two wrong people? It’s a classic case of two star-crossed lovers. And Maddy didn’t want to be a victim to her own circumstances.

“There’s a sinking feeling in my gut that he’s never going to take it to the next level with me. But I can’t let him go because I still want to believe that he’s eventually going to come around.” – Jordan, 26

Jordan thought that her man would eventually just “man up” and propose to her after being together for so long. But he never did; and she still hopes that he will in time.

“I hated the relationship that I was in; but I didn’t want to break his heart. I stayed with him because I pitied him.” – Marie, 29

It’s a pity party that Marie was throwing for her guy. He was nice and she didn’t want to hurt him. But she was also hurting herself in the process.

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