8 Reasons A Guy Wants Kids But Not Marriage

Getting married and having children are often connected, though not always. Nowadays, it’s becoming usual for couples to become parents without marrying. Some men might want to be fathers but not marry.

There are reasons for this change, which we are going to explain now:

1. He Thinks Marriage Will Cost Him Too Much Money

Getting married can cost a lot of money, from the engagement ring to the wedding and honeymoon expenses. Keeping a marriage going can also be expensive, especially when thinking about having kids. Some men might want kids but worry about the money part of marriage. Even though both marriage and kids have costs, thinking of marriage as pricey might stop some people.

2. He’s Not Religious

A man might decide not to marry because of his own beliefs or religion. Some people don’t think marriage matches their values. They could see it as a religious thing and not want to do it. This might also be because they’re not interested in the idea of marriage and don’t feel like making their relationship official.

3. He Doesn’t Want To Legally Tie Himself Down

Marriage is not just about religion; it’s also a legal thing. It means signing a paper that says you’ll be with someone forever. This might be scary for someone who doesn’t like long commitments. Even though raising kids is also a big commitment, some men might see marriage as an even bigger one. They might think taking care of kids is mostly their partner’s job.

4. He’s Been Married Before

A man might not want to marry because of things that happened before, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want kids. If his past marriage was bad, he might hesitate about marrying again. But he could still really want to be a dad.

5. He Has Seen Negative Examples Of Marriage Throughout His Life

Some people might not like marriage because of things that happened before. Maybe their parents got divorced, or they saw bad things happen to friends who got married. When stuff like this happens, it’s natural for them to not want to do the same thing.

6. He Fears Divorce

Some men might be unsure about getting married because they’re scared of divorce. They could worry about how hard it is emotionally and financially. Even though they want kids, they might skip marriage to avoid these possible problems.

7. He Feels Drawn To Fatherhood But Not Marriage

Some men might really want to be dads, but that doesn’t mean they want to get married. Being a parent and being married are different ideas. You can want one without wanting the other. Some men might really want to be fathers, but they might not feel that marriage is necessary to make that happen.

8. He Feels Marriage Will Take Away His Freedom

Lots of guys see marriage as something that limits their freedom. They might have heard stories about men feeling stuck or weighed down by the things it comes with. They could also worry about losing their freedom and dealing with a partner who nags them. But they might not feel the same way about being parents. They could still be open to having kids without getting married.

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