8 Reasons She’s Going To Leave You For Another Man

You didn’t see it coming. She exhibited no signs. Or did she?

Congratulations. You are one of the very few men in the world who are lucky enough to have landed a quality girl that you’re compatible with. Everything seems to be going well and you’re happy. You’re incredibly content with the state of things and you hope that things just carry on this way.

There is a sense of stability, security, and consistency in your relationship and you wouldn’t want anything to change for the moment. But then out of the blue, she just gets up and bolts out of the relationship. You didn’t see it coming. She exhibited no signs. Or did she?

While relationships have the potential to be incredibly great and enriching social experiences, they also have the power to overwhelm people. You have to consider the possibility that while everything seems fine and dandy to you, your girl may not be exactly sharing the same sentiments.

You have to be open to the idea that while you aren’t experiencing any problems in the relationship, it may be because you are the actual problem. So how do you stop these surprise exits from happening to you? Women aren’t typically known to just get up and leave on a whim. They aren’t usually as impulsive and as rash as men are when it comes to love.

In fact, a lot of women have the strength to stick things out in relationships even when things get tough. So if she left you, it is highly likely that she had been planning it for quite a while. She gave you a few opportunities to change your ways, but you never took your chances. Eventually, she just got fed up and so she left. All relationships are unique, and women can choose to leave for a number of reasons. It can be difficult to generalize as to why girls leave, but there are a few emerging trends here.

There are some overwhelmingly common behaviors that men exhibit which may lead to bringing their ladies to the tipping point. If you find that you are guilty of a lot of the things that are listed on here, then you better make your adjustments soon. You don’t want your girl to be leaving you without notice. You don’t want her to be leaving you at all.

1. You are always acting moody.

You are always creating negative vibrations everywhere you go. Remember that not too many people are fond of negative energy. If you are always espousing negative energy whenever you’re around her, you can’t expect her to stick around for too long.

2. You get caught lying to her too much.

Dishonesty has no place in any loving relationship. You shouldn’t even be lying to her in the first place. And yet, you do it on a consistent basis and you’re always getting caught. She just isn’t going to stand for that kind of behavior.

3. You are a little too tightly wound.

Learn to let loose and live things up a little. Go on an adventure. Stop feeling the need to control the situation. Stop being so serious. Learn to be immature and be childish every once in a while. It eases the tension in any relationship.

4. You are boring and predictable.

You don’t make an effort to actually bring some spice into the relationship. You have settled for a boring and predictable routine. No one ever likes to be bored and so don’t be surprised if she leaves you for the prospect of a more exciting life.

5. You don’t make an effort to listen to her.

Have you ever tried being ignored even though you felt a substantial need to express yourself? It’s frustrating, isn’t it? That’s how she feels every time you choose not to listen to her when she wants to talk to you. As a partner, she is always expecting you to be there for her when she needs to get something off her chest. When you don’t listen to her, she ends up feeling like you don’t value her opinion and that you are a selfish individual.

6. You Criticize her too often.

You are just a little too loose with your criticisms and your judgements. You always make her feel bad about who she is as a person and she needs a break from all the pressure. You need to make an effort to build her up to be a strong and confident individual. You shouldn’t be tearing her down.

7. You refuse to open up with her about sensitive matters.

If you just refuse to open up to her, then you are essentially telling her that you don’t trust her enough to actually allow yourself to be vulnerable to her. She will end up feeling like she doesn’t matter much to you because you just won’t let her into your world.

8. You don’t spend enough time with her.

Time is always the best thing you could ever give a person. If you don’t give her the time that she needs from you, don’t be surprised if she goes looking for something who will.

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  1. In my opinion, with all the respect those are just excuses when in fact, it’s the white woman’s programmed , her nature. I want his nature is to be the man’s helper, because they need help a lot of help. A woman is the glue that holds the family together. She’s more important than a man I believe. I’m not trying to bring the Bible into this, but if you dig into it enough, you’ll find out that a woman is wisdom in a man is knowledge, and if you find wisdom, and you find something it’s greater than rubies. A woman’s nature is to nest and she build a home that’s why she looks for a senior partner that has a decent job that can give her these things. It’s not because she’s a Golddigger because it’s in her nature. Make a house at home. And if she is out in the public, like most women are now as far as working stuff insurance cross the guy who can offer her something more stable than the guy she’s with or app to leave the guy and stop because she doesn’t love him it’s just because it’s just the way it is in the way and don’t think that the wrong way things are valuable you keep in the way I could even bring up scripture on how valuable women are these misconceptions in the Bible. It’s one I’ve many of the mysteries of the Bible just read the book of proverbs explain everything.

  2. Some of its true. Moody and dishonesty is bad. But it’s not the man’s fault if the woman decides to cheat on him no matter how bad of a partner he is. Second of all if a woman feels like she is not getting something in a relationship she should be honest and explicit about it instead of holding it in and expecting the man to change. Nowadays men have to make most of the effort and that is pretty unfair. Women need to put effort as well. She should learn to commit as well. She is not the most beautiful person in the world so she should not just leave a marriage just because now she found a better prospect(more handsome, more affectionate, more unpredictable, etc.) it does not mean she should never leave a marriage. If she wants to leave a man because he is predictable in my opinion I am not sure if I personally would marry that kind of person. And women can leave when we criticize them but they are allowed to criticize us? That’s a double standard. Both men and women need to learn to appreciate their spouses.

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