8 Reasons She’s The Strongest Woman You’ll Ever Come Across.

1. She’ll never settle for less than what she deserves:

A strong woman will never settle for a partner who doesn’t love her just as much she loves him. She is aware of her place in your life and she’ll never be okay with not getting exactly what she is worthy of. Don’t expect a strong woman to stay with you and make her peace with what she doesn’t deserve. She won’t struggle to make things work if you don’t meet her halfway. She won’t keep the relationship going on all on her own.

2. She knows when to leave:

She will give you her all and more. She will stay in a relationship with you wholeheartedly but a strong woman knows when to leave. A woman who trusts her instincts and believes in herself will leave when she knows it’s not for her to stay anymore. She will never stay where she feels unwanted, unimportant or unnoticed. Her strength and conscience will never allow her to remain in such a relationship. She will leave when it’s time. She will never give in to her emotions. She will always choose her worth over her love for you. She won’t let anyone talk her into staying because when a strong woman says her goodbye, it really is for good and there’s no turning back.

3. She won’t ask you to stay if you don’t want to:

When you let a strong woman know that you can not or do not want to stay with her, she will never want you to or ask you to stay. If she feels she is no longer a source of happiness and joy for you, and that you’ve lost interest in her, there’s no way she’ll stay with you. That’s not only because she’s strong to let you go but also because she’s mature and selfless enough to watch you share your love and your life with someone else. She can handle knowing someone else has become the same person for you that she was for you. She won’t make you stay if you don’t want that for yourself.

A strong woman will, in fact, encourage to find whatever and whoever it is that will give you want from a woman in your relationship. She will never fight for you from you, she won’t play the blame game, she won’t scream and shout, she won’t let it weaken her faith in herself and she will let you go without saying much and even without asking too many questions.

4. She won’t ask for affection and attention:

A strong woman knows what to ask for and what not to ask for. She will never ask for your love, your time and your attention. A woman who stands up for herself and makes sure to be treated right knows love and warmth are emotions that you can’t go running after. If the man she is with is the right man for her, she knows he will express his love for her the way it is supposed to be expressed in a relationship. She’ll never force you to express your emotions to her.

5. She knows what she wants:

A woman who is strong and steadfast knows exactly what she wants and how she wants it. She is never confused about her emotions and her feelings about her relationship. She is decisive and she doesn’t take whatever comes her. She only entertains the things that are wanted by her.

6. She won’t let you break her:

A strong woman will never let you break her or tear her down. She’ll stand her ground. When you hurt her you may think the hurt will break her but she won’t snap under that pain. She’ll keep going. She will walk away with grace and she will learn from it. Her lessons and her pain will make her a stronger, they will make her heart bigger and her mind stronger. She won’t give you the power to make her or break her. She will face heartbreak with bravery.

7. The past doesn’t control her present:

She doesn’t allow her past to shape her present. She lives in the present and she leaves her past behind the way its supposed to be. She will never forget but it doesn’t have the power to damage her. Who she was in the past will be a part of the past. In the present, she’s always a better version and although her heart may ache because of her past, she is strong enough to never let it haunt her. She never carries her past with her in the present.

8 If you leave, you leave:

If you leave her, she will never let you in again. A woman is emotionally complete and strong will never leave her door open for your return. If her doors are shut, they’re shut for good. You can never expect a girl like that to let you come and go as you please. She knows her worth and she won’t ever let you be a part of her life and you can’t decide to leave and come back because she deserves someone who will come and stay.

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