8 Reasons That Aunts And Uncles Are Really Special People In Your Life

Aunts and uncles rarely ever get credit for the roles that they play in the lives of their nieces and nephews. There are many adult figures that play important roles in the lives of children. And it’s not a secret that raising a child is not an easy task. Parents always have to juggle so many things in life that go along with having to raise children.

There are marriages, careers, and social lives that need to be upheld in addition to parenting. It’s always likely that one or two of these things get compromised in favor of another. And when it’s the parenting that becomes compromised, you have to know that that can have some very serious repercussions.

Yes, it is possible for adults to be spoiling children. However, you shouldn’t take that to mean that you should ever be withholding of your love for kids. And there are very few people who do a better job at giving love to children than their parents… and their aunts and uncles. Aunts and uncles are so good at being positive influences towards kids while still maintaining that “cool” status.

There are just certain things that a child would feel more comfortable talking to an aunt or an uncle about instead of a parent. There are certain feelings and emotions that they find themselves capable of expressing to their aunts or uncles without any prejudice or filtering. There are plenty of reasons that aunts and uncles are really special people in your life.

1. They can serve as that “cool” adult.

Admit it, as a kid, you sometimes saw your parents as enemies. You would try to get around doing things without them knowing about it. They set plenty of rules and limitations for you. And that’s where you always felt like you could just turn to your aunt and uncle. They served as that adult figure you can actually just be cool and let loose with.

2. They offer an alternative viewpoint.

You are always going to be able to get some valuable perspective from your parents. And that’s good. That’s what parents are for. But there is never anything wrong with exposing yourself to alternate perspectives as well – and that’s where aunts and uncles come in.

3. They can act as a surrogate parent.

Your parents aren’t ALWAYS going to be perfect. They have other responsibilities that will require their attention. That’s part of adulthood. And sometimes, when their focus is spread out too thin, they might need a little help. And that’s where aunts and uncles step in.

4. They still offer valuable wisdom and knowledge.

Aunts and uncles are always going to be able to offer some really valuable wisdom and knowledge. Yes, you can always get some valuable advice from your parents. But, your aunts and uncles might also have some important lessons for you to learn as well.

5. They lower the pressure in tense situations.

Whenever there is something that you want to express to an adult figure but you are uncomfortable with talking to your parents about it, you can always go to your aunts and uncles instead. They have a way of lowering the tension and pressure in these kinds of situations.

6. They like to spoil their nieces and nephews.

An aunt and uncle are definitely going to spoil you in ways that your parents wouldn’t either. Naturally, your parents will want to put a cap on spoiling you. They will not want to make you feel like you can have whatever you want anytime. However, an aunt and uncle will not have any trouble with spoiling you.

7. They are good at reading minds.

An aunt and uncle are always going to be able to read your mind really well. Your parents are around you a lot and that means they can become desensitized to a lot of your habits and moods. However, your aunts and uncles are always going to take notice of the signs.

8. They genuinely enjoy spending time with their nieces and nephews.

Aunts and uncles won’t consider spending time with kids as a “duty”. Of course, that isn’t to say that parents hate spending time with their kids at all time. However, the lack of pressure is going to make the relationship a lot lighter and more fun.


So, at the end of the day, you should always try to show your appreciation for your uncles and aunts. You show your appreciation for your parents to make sure that their efforts are validated. And you should always be trying to show the same kind of gratitude towards your aunts and uncles. They have just as much an influence on your life than your parents.

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