8 Reasons to Go For a Girl Who Loves Dogs

Who else love dogs as much as I do?

A lot of dog lovers will be frowned upon for caring a little too much about their furry little friends especially when they lack a certain level of concern for their fellow human beings. But who can blame them? Dogs are the absolute best. We don’t deserve to have them in our lives and yet here they are. There’s nothing that can compare to the gift of having a loyal and loving companion to be at your side whether you’re happy or sad. It’s just an absolute treasure to have a dog around in your life. If you’ve never owned a pet dog before, then you probably wouldn’t understand.

There is just so much love between a dog owner and her puppy and it’s the palpable kind of love. A lot of times, dogs are able to teach human beings substantial life lessons that they otherwise never would have learned on their own. In a sense, having owned and loved a dog at least once in your life can change you for the better and that’s just a plain fact.

That is why if you can help it, try to always go after the girl who loves dogs. She is a great catch and this article is going to tell you why. At the end of it all, you should be confident that dating the girl who loves dogs is a decision that you are never going to regret.

1. She is going to understand what loyalty really means.

She knows what loyalty really is because she has seen, witnessed, felt, and experienced it for herself. She has seen with her own eyes the power that genuine loyalty can have on a relationship. And she only learned all of this because she’s a dog lover. She has seen the amount of love and commitment a dog will put into a relationship with its owner. And she knows that that’s the kind of loyalty and commitment that any relationship needs to survive.

2. She is going to expose you to opportunities to fall in love with dogs too.

You are going to be around so many dogs and you’re not going to know what to do about it. You will be overwhelmed by the love and affection of these little furry creatures. Man’s best friend indeed. You will not let go of any opportunity to stop and pet a cute dog on the street because your girl is going to want to do so as well.

3. She is likely going to be an active and outgoing person.

If she’s a dog lover, then it is highly likely that she is the kind of person who likes to stay fit and active. Of course, being a dog lover would mean that you are also a lover of nature and nature’s creatures. It would also entail that you are fairly active since you would typically be a person who goes on walks with your dog all the time. So not only are you dating a girl who loves dog, you are also dating a girl who likes being active.

4. She is going to know the value of the little things and the simple moments.

Granted there is a significant communication barrier between dogs and human beings, it can be difficult for dog owners to have genuinely deep and intimate emotional experiences with their pets. But to them, that’s okay. They are able to find much love and depth in even the simplest of moments with their dogs. They know that their time spent together is limited and they would never take any of it for granted.

5. You are not going to have to worry about gift ideas for birthdays and special occasions.

If you’re the type of guy who has trouble figuring out what to get your girl for birthdays or other special occasions, then you’re practically just like any other guy on the face of the earth. But if your girl is a dog lover, then you can basically just get something that you know her dog would enjoy, and she is going to love you for it.

6. You are not going to have a difficult time bringing a smile to her face.

Need to cheer her up after a long and stressful day at work? Just shove a dog into her lap and watch her cheer up instantly. It really doesn’t take much to make her happy because dog lovers are generally very happy people. You just have to remind her that the world is filled with plenty of things to rejoice about.

7. She is going to understand what it means to be responsible for someone.

She knows that relationships (whether with dogs or with human beings) are genuine responsibilities. She understands that any relationship shouldn’t be treated casually or like a game. She knows that the stakes are high emotionally, mentally, and physically, and she would never be one who would downplay the significance of being responsible in a relationship.

8. She is going to know how to love unconditionally.

It’s going to be the same kind of unconditional love that a dog has for its owner. Whether you throw her a bone or not, she’s going to be there waiting for you at the end of the day ready to cuddle with you and make you feel the warmth of her love.

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