8 Reasons To Stop Proving Yourself To Others

stop proving yourself to others

This is going to be an article about self-realization. I usually write about my personal experiences, and this is going to hit home! I used to be one of the most self-deprecating and pessimistic people anyone would come across. Still, I went out of that sad and empty shell, and I became very self-aware and started loving everything about myself. Do you think you’re not good enough? Then you seriously need to read this one!

Here eight reasons why you need to stop proving yourself to others.

8. People Worth Impressing Want You To Be Yourself

This one is significant; the people who know your worth and know how important you are will NEVER want you to change. The people you need to impress and the ones who will always accept you with all of your flaws and strengths.

They will never pick and choose your habits and lifestyle choices; they will whole heatedly take you and let you share their life with you along with everything you bring in theirs. ONLY give importance to those people; they’re the purest people you’re going to come across.

7. No One Knows What’s Best For You

No one can see the things you’ve seen in the past and the things you’re going through. You don’t need to stop expecting people to know your pain and accept it and treat you better; you need to be proud of being so strong through all of your life’s dark periods and pat yourself on the back for facing them head-on and never giving up.

No one else can walk in your shoes, so take your steps and take them at your own pace! You need to tell people who you are and be accepted or not tell them at all. You are the only one person who truly knows your worth!

6. Only You Can Change Your Life

Nobody else has the power to change your life; it’s wholly and solely your own decision. You can’t let anyone take hold of your life so strongly that you expect them to start changing you, because they’re wrong for changing you.

They don’t have permission to do that because they shouldn’t. If anyone asks you to change, walk away, and never look back. Walk towards the people who never talk bad about you and are always happy with all of your pros and cons.

5. Society Does Not Matter

Do you want everyone else to be satisfied, but not you? Stop pleasing everybody else, stop making sure your actions are “acceptable,” stop feeling like you’re a slave to society – be whoever you want to be and live life however you want to live it.

No matter where you go, you’ll always find people who will want to change you, to be better than you, to prove you wrong, to tell you your decisions are weak, to say to you you’re nervous, forget all of them and live your life your way and love yourself for it. Don’t let society get in the way, I’m not talking about relationships here only, but your relationship with your partner should not be affected by culture and what others think. You DO NOT owe them anything!

4. It Isn’t A Race

Life is not a race you have to win against someone else. Everyone needs to move on their own pace, and you don’t have to meet anyone’s mark to be someone in life. I was in med-school, and all of my previous friends are doctors now while I’m a businessman in the IT industry.

Did they tell me I’ll fail, or did they support me? Almost all of them told me I’d fail, and I’m putting a burden on my shoulders with this decision. Did I listen to them? NO! I trusted my judgment enough not to let it be affected by anyone else, not even people who I thought were my closest friends. I earn more than those doctors now, and they’re sorry about what they said. Does it matter to me what they say now? No, because they had their chance and they lost it.

3. Success Never Comes Without Failure

All of the most significant people in the world have one or two very traumatic stories to tell before they become something. You don’t just become great; you earn greatness.

And it isn’t obtained without any hardships or problems. So don’t worry If life seems hard right now, your silver lining is coming when you least expect it. I, too, had lost all faith in life and didn’t know when I’d get my next meal, but I never gave up.

Never lose hope, never. Times are tough, but not only for you. All of us are going through one thing or the other, some of us are better at hiding our emotions and appear healthy on the outside while we are broken on the inside, I’m not one of those people. Be strong and keep living!

2. It’s Not Possible To Please Everyone

You will always find people to will laugh at your mistakes, and never compliment your successes, do not live among such people, and never let yourself be one of those people because you are better than that.

Never try changing yourself to fit someone else’s bill or someone else’s way of life because THEY think it’s the right way to live. Do things the way YOU want to do things, and don’t let yourself be fooled. Only be around people who are proud of your successes and get sad with you when you’re going through a rough patch and support you through it. Empathy is harder to find these days, be empathetic, and you’ll meet people like you soon enough.

1. Money Does NOT Matter

Whether you’re a millionaire or not, it should NOT change the perception people have about you. Money is a very temporary strength; it should not make people love or hate you. The people who care about you will always stay by your side whether you’re rich or poor, people who care about you when you’re rich are the people who will leave when the money leaves, STAY AWAY from such people because they’re living a blind and impure life.

That’s about it for this one; I hope you guys gained a lot from this article and start loving yourselves! Always remember – you are amazing, you are healthy, you have what it takes, and you CAN do it! Just be yourself and follow your passion, turn a blind eye to those who try putting you down, and keep a good company around you. Stay happy, and stop proving yourself to others.

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