8 Reasons Why A Strong Women Are Often Not Loved

You would be surprised to know this but even the strongest of us still feel fear and pain. Imagine the strongest woman you know in your head. You see that she’s always exuding strength and confidence. You know she has a powerful personality that is built to withstand anything in life. But what you don’t know is that underneath the rough exterior is a girl who is dealing with a lot of pains and insecurities.

She is the kind of girl who is going to manage to force a smile through whatever heartbreak she might be experiencing. She is a girl who will feign contentment with the loneliness and sorrow that she’s feeling inside. She is the only one who knows exactly what it’s like to force a smile in spite of all the reasons to break down and cry. She goes on in life hoping that someday, she meets someone who will share in her struggles.

She wants to be able to share the burden of her own life with someone else but she doesn’t want to make it seem that way. However, that all feels like wishful thinking and hopeless dreaming. Here are 8 basic reasons as to why a strong woman receives the least amount of love.

1. People generally assume that she doesn’t need anyone.

She is someone who always espouses independence and self-sustenance. She is the type of girl who seems like she doesn’t really need anyone to be happy in her own life. But the truth is that we ALL need people in our lives. We ALL need some help every now and then. Just because she’s so strong doesn’t mean that she won’t welcome the help and companionship of other people.

2. She rarely reveals her vulnerability to others.

A lot of times, people don’t assume that she needs help because she doesn’t really like to reveal her vulnerability. She doesn’t typically like to show other people that she is weak. And it’s precisely because of that that other people would be uncomfortable with giving her love. It can be hard to give love to a person who doesn’t show any bits of vulnerability or humility.

3. Her intelligence can be really intimidating to a lot of people.

There’s no denying that intelligence is a rarity nowadays. We live in a world where smart people are actually shamed for being so smart. And that’s unfortunate. She isn’t going to be afraid of showcasing her intelligence even if people call her a nerd who tries too hard to be liked. She doesn’t mean to come off that way. She’s just naturally smart and she doesn’t want to dumb herself down for anyone.

4. People see her as a source and not a receptacle for love.

She has so much love inside of her that she’s willing to give other people. She is always used to giving love to those who are in dire need of it. And that has actually been detrimental to her to a certain extent. People often see her as a source of love but not a receptacle for love. They take love from her but they don’t know if they should really love her in return.

5. People don’t really understand the pain that she feels.

She is someone who feels pain just as much as the rest of us do. However, she does such a good job at hiding it that other people aren’t really aware of the struggles that she goes through. People just assume that she’s okay most of the time because of how confidently she manages to carry herself.

6. She has very few friends.

The reason that she doesn’t feel a whole lot of love is because she has very little friends who are willing to give it to her. A strong woman like her isn’t really interested in expanding her social circle. She is more interested in deepening the relationships that she already has.

7. She always requires a hundred percent commitment from the people in her life.

She is the kind of woman who never likes or appreciates half-assed efforts. Unfortunately for her, not a lot of people share that same kind of philosophy. She is always an all or nothing kind of girl but not a lot of people are going to be so willing to give her everything – and so, she settles for nothing instead.

8. She doesn’t have a tolerance for fake people.

There are just so many fake people in this world and she doesn’t really want to waste any time on them. She doesn’t really want to have any relations with a person who can’t be genuine and upfront with her about the truth. But it’s too bad that this world is filled with so many fakes and liars.

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