8 Reasons Why Men Play Mind Games And How To Deal With Them

Men play mind games with women for some very straightforward reason: some do it to improve their chances of getting physical intimacy while others do it simply to control women.

Let’s explore the games men often play and how you can deal with a man who engages in these games.

Hot and Cold Behavior

You used to text each other frequently for days and weeks, but suddenly, he stopped contacting you without any explanation. You keep noticing that he stays active online but does not message you. If this happens frequently, it’s a clear sign that he might be playing with your feelings and not taking the relationship seriously. Recognizing and addressing such behavior is essential to avoid getting hurt or strung along.

Not Good as His Words

When he says one thing but does another, it means that he is not as good as his words. Take note of his actions and how they align with his words. If his promises are empty and he consistently lets you down, it may be time to reassess the trustworthiness of the relationship.

Comments on Your Looks

When a man believes you are too good for him, he may try to lower your self-esteem by acting indifferent to your attractiveness. His comments might make you doubt your looks and feel like he’s settling for less in the relationship. No one should ever make you feel insecure or embarrassed about how you look. Stand up for yourself, set boundaries, and consider whether this kind of behavior is something you can tolerate in the long term.

Ghosts You Several Times

When he calls you, makes plans for the day, and assures you he will be there, but doesn’t show up – When you try to reach him, he doesn’t respond for days. Then he reappears after a few days, apologizes, and promises to make it up to you. However, he might or might not follow through, and it leaves you feeling like he’s teasing you with false hopes, making you chase after him. This is ghosting, and if he continues to do this, it may be a sign that he’s not interested in a committed relationship.

Toys With Your Emotions

He might frequently ask how you feel about him when you’re together. You express your love and affection openly, hoping he’ll share his feelings in return. However, instead of reciprocating, he changes the subject or acts insincere. This is absolutely unfair and draining behavior – A healthy relationship requires honesty and consideration for each other’s feelings. If he’s toying with your emotions, it’s time for you to straighten your facts and leave him.

Keeps Contact Only for Physical Relationship

If he only contacts you for physical intimacy and avoids emotional connection, it can make you feel used and unvalued. Remember that a healthy relationship should be about more than just physical aspects. Think about what you want and deserve in a relationship and whether this situation meets your needs and desires. Prioritize your own well-being and happiness.

Makes You Follow Unreasonable Rules

If he imposes unreasonable rules and restrictions on you, it can be controlling and unhealthy. A loving partner should respect your autonomy and treat you as an equal. If he’s overly controlling, consider if this is the kind of relationship you want to be in.

Treats You Bad in Front of Others

A considerate partner should treat you with kindness and respect, whether you are alone or with others. If he repeatedly disrespects you, it’s crucial to confront the problem and assess if this relationship is worth continuing. Your well-being and self-esteem should always be a priority.

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