8 Reasons Why You Get Jealous Of An Ex In A New Relationship Even When You’ve Moved On

Moving on and getting over. It’s not easy. When you break up with someone, it’s often a complicated process for anyone to have to go through. You fall in love, and you imagine spending the rest of your life with someone. However, as fate would have it, you don’t have what it takes to make your relationship last after all. And since that’s the way that things have turned out, then you just have to find a way to make the most out of it and move on.

Again, it’s a lot easier said than done. But moving on and getting over someone isn’t impossible. Plenty of people can do it. And once you’ve moved on from heartbreak, it can be one of the best feelings ever. You are free to feel like you can pursue love once more and you find yourself no longer worried about how your ex might feel or what they’re doing.

But then…

Your ex gets into a relationship with someone new. Suddenly, you get these peculiar feelings inside of you. You once thought that you’ve already moved on. You thought that you were completely over it. However, you also start to question that fact because you have these weird feelings that have come up as a result of your ex being with someone else. Does this mean that you haven’t moved on from them after all?

Are You Not Over Your Ex?

Not necessarily. Just because it feels weird to watch your ex get with someone new doesn’t mean that you haven’t completely moved on from them. In fact, it’s perfectly possible that you’ve completely gotten over your failed relationship with them already. Sometimes, seeing your ex with someone new can just arouse some weird feelings purely because the whole situation in itself is weird.

Here are a few reasons as to why you might be feeling this way even when you know you’ve moved on:

1. You’re feeling a bit nostalgic.

It’s human nature always to be nostalgic. It’s not that you haven’t gotten over the breakup. After all, you’re probably happy and thriving right now. It may just be the fact that you’re thinking about all the happy and great times that you used to share when you were together. It’s normal to long for those times.

2. You wonder why she’s completely different from you.

Of course, you might get really weirded out at the idea that she’s completely different from you. You might have assumed that he has grown sick of girls like you and now, he’s pursuing people who are totally different.

3. You feel weird because she looks a lot like you.

But the opposite situation can be just as weird. It can be a peculiar feeling to know that your ex has essentially just replaced you with someone who’s a carbon copy. Also, you would wonder if this relationship would end up having the same kind of ending that yours had when it was you who was in that place.

4. Your old wounds have reopened.

Sometimes, even when you move on from someone, the wounds can still reopen. And perhaps, the trigger for these scars that have now reopened is the fact that he’s with someone new. It doesn’t have to mean that you haven’t gotten over it. A lot of the time, these scars just never really fade away.

5. You think about how he might have changed.

Of course, the reason that the two of you couldn’t make it work was that you weren’t meant to be. And there were probably plenty of little reasons as to why that might be the case. So, it’s normal for you to wonder if he now has what it takes to keep on sustaining this relationship for the long haul.

6. You just want what you can’t have.

It’s human nature for you to want something that you can’t have. That doesn’t have to mean that you haven’t gotten over your breakup. It’s still normal for you to wish that things turned out for the better even though you know that you’re over it.

7. You still feel somewhat attached.

Pure detachment can take a really long time. Remember that you don’t really have to detach yourself from someone in order for you to get over them. It’s normal for you to still feel attached somewhat.

8. You wonder if he’s treating her right.

You know that you weren’t treated the way that you wanted to be treated when you were together. And now, you’re just a little curious as to whether he’s treating her better than he treated you. It’s normal to have this kind of curiosity.

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