8 Reasons Why You Should Probably Date A Gemini

You’ve been in the dating game for a while now, but you’re still single. Why haven’t you found much luck? Is the problem with you or is it with your choice of partners? Well, if you’ve never tried dating a Gemini before, maybe you should consider it. There’s very little to lose from trying out new things and meeting new people in the dating world. Yes, it can be downright intimidating to go outside of your comfort zone but maybe taking a chance is exactly what you need to do to bring in more luck into your life. You can’t be so content on just staying in your comfort zone all of the time. Love can come from even the most unexpected places;

and you need to be able to prepare yourself for whatever situation that you’re thrust into. Love can come even when you don’t plan for it to; and that’s why it’s important for you to be exposing yourself to as many different people and environments as possible. And so it begs to ask the question: have you ever tried dating a Gemini? Maybe dating a Gemini is the jump start that you desperately need for your dating life to get back on track. Remember that a Gemini is just about up for anything and anyone; and so you won’t have to make too many adjustments for them. They have a really fluid personality. They are dynamic and they are very quick to adapt.

They are perfect complements to people who are shy and closed off; they will make you feel more comfortable with being who you are. They are also incredibly affectionate especially when they sense that you are in dire need of it. So make sure that you don’t close your mind to the idea of dating a Gemini. A Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. They are well-versed in the areas of travel and communication. Of course, there are a great many benefits that come with dating a Gemini; and you definitely don’t want to be missing out on them.

1. Geminis never take affection for granted.

Geminis will never hesitate to be affectionate towards you – and they will be very receptive and appreciative of affection as well. They understand that affection is always going to be essential in any kind of relationship; and they are never going to act withholding of their own affection for you.

2. Geminis will never try to outshine you or make you feel insignificant.

A Gemini will always boost your confidence to the best of their abilities. You might be the shiest introvert out there, but they won’t ever allow you to feel insignificant or overshadowed. They will somehow make you believe in your own worth; and they will really do their best to help you shine.

3. Geminis are very skilled communicators.

Geminis are really good at communicating how they feel and what they think. You would never have to worry about misunderstanding a Gemini. They are very frank; and they tend to call things like they see them. You wouldn’t have to hassle yourself by having to read between the lines.

4. Geminis are always going to be mindful of your needs and feelings.

Geminis aren’t going to be reckless and tactless with you. They are always going to be mindful of your feelings; they will always be doing their best to meet your needs and expectations in the relationship. They will never take you for granted; and they will never tire of putting in the effort for the sake of making the relationship work.

5. Geminis will know how to keep things fresh and spontaneous.

A Gemini has a very sporadic and dynamic spirit; and with that, you know that you’re never going to be bored. They don’t bear well with routines; and when they feel like you’re stuck in some kind of rut, the will be really quick to try and shake things up.

6. Geminis are very open-minded, curious, and adventurous.

A Gemini will never tire of expressing an interest in you and the things that you are most passionate about. They won’t necessarily be so exposed to your world when you first meet; but nothing will stop them from getting to know every single aspect of your personality. They will never tire of getting to know you.

7. Geminis will challenge you to grow and develop.

A Gemini is always going to push you to grow and be more than you are. They will force you outside of your comfort zone because they see your potential even when you can’t see it for yourself. They will always encourage you to grow as a human being.

8. Geminis are also capable of intense focus.

They may be incredibly fun-loving, but when it’s time to get serious, a Gemini is capable of doing so. They are capable of intense focus whenever they need to get something done.

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