8 Reasons You’re Still Single Even Though Anyone Would Be Lucky To Have You

You don’t settle for just anyone.

You would make a great partner in a relationship and there’s just no doubt about it. Everyone keeps telling you that you are a great catch and that anyone would be lucky to have you as a romantic partner. And so it begs to ask the question: why can’t you seem to land yourself in a relationship with anyone? This is a question that has crossed your own mind and the minds of your friends all of the time. It’s a perpetual mystery as to why a great individual like yourself can’t seem to find success in love. But of course, not to say that being single is terrible and something that someone should be ashamed of. It’s just a curiosity that people are going to find themselves naturally wandering towards. You’re a great person and so you should be in a relationship any time soon right? Well, here’s why that might not necessarily be the case.

1. You don’t settle for just anyone.

You don’t believe in the idea of settling for just anyone. When you want to be in a relationship, you want to be in an amazing one. You want to be with someone who is going to be able to blow your mind and make you rethink everything you once believed about love. You don’t want to date someone just for the sake of it. You want to date someone who is actually of value. You want to date someone who is able to add depth and insight to your life.

2. You don’t feel like your sense of happiness or self-worth depends on whether you’re in a relationship or not.

You’re happy and you’re content. You are perfectly fine with the person that you are and you don’t feel like you lack in anything. You don’t feel incomplete with your life and you don’t thing that a relationship is going to drastically add value to your sense of self at the moment. Lots of other people will believe themselves to be pathetic if they are single, but you aren’t like that. You don’t think that being in a relationship ties into your worth as a human being.

3. You are just too busy doing things that you want to do for yourself.

Dating and relationships will require a lot of time, dedication, and commitment. But you are currently at a phase in your life wherein you are just too busy being selfish. And that’s okay. You shouldn’t have to feel guilty about feeling selfish. In fact, young or early adulthood is the perfect time for you to really focus on building yourself up to the person you eventually want to become. It’s perfectly understandable if you want to shut out any distractions and annoyances and sometimes, that may include relationships.

4. Your job is asking too much of your time.

It all boils down to the issue of time once more. Maybe you want to be in a relationship, and maybe you’re ripe to be in one as well. But of course, you would never place a relationship before your career especially when you’re just starting to spread your wings. You might feel like you have to invest most of your time and your energy into your career at the expense of relationships and that’s not something to be ashamed of.

5. You feel like your social needs are being meet by your amazing friends.

A lot of people are going to get into relationships to be able to fill in some kind of social void. But you don’t have that void at all and so you don’t feel pressured to get into a relationship. You feel like any needs you might have on a social level are already being met by the group of friends and family that you’ve surrounded yourself with.

6. You aren’t at a place where you’re ready to commit to anyone.

If you ever get into a relationship, you want it to be a real one. You want to be able to commit yourself fully into the relationship because you never do anything in life halfheartedly. Unfortunately, you just don’t seem to be at a place where you can really commit yourself to love despite the fact that you would make a relationship partner. Perhaps there are just other things that require your attention at the moment.

7. Your strong personality can come off as intimidating to people.

Sure, you are a great human being who anyone would be lucky to get with. But that can also be a bad thing. It may mean that a lot of people would be intimidated to date you because of how amazing your personality is. They wouldn’t want to feel threatened at the thought of having to compete for your affections.

8. You are just too in love with living the single life.

And lastly, the probable reason why you’re still single is because you want to be. It’s as simple as that. And maybe the only time you will ever get into a relationship is when you actually decide that you want to be in one.

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