8 Red Flags That The Love In A Relationship Might Not Be Real

You have been in a relationship with a really great person for quite a while now. And you’re fairly confident that the future has great things in store for the both of you. Naturally, like every other couple in existence, you both still go through your fair share of ups and downs. But your troubles aren’t really enough to give you a cause for worry. You are both still somehow able to find a way to come together in spite of your differences.

You always feel comfortable whenever the two of you spend time with one another. And you’re genuinely happy about having this individual as your partner. However, you’re not entirely sure if they’re “the one” for you.

And so it begs to ask the question: how do you know when the person you are in a relationship is actually the right one for you?

It’s not always so easy or obvious when you’re trying to recognize true love in a relationship. However, it’s not going to be as difficult as people might make it out to be either. It’s not necessarily going to be held up in huge marquee signs but you don’t have to dig too deep to find out whether your love is real or not.

All you really need to do is just pay attention to the way that your partner conducts themselves in your relationship and whenever you spend time together. If you have a partner who is genuinely in love with you, then the connection and bond that you would have in the relationship should be palpable. It should be a really strong and deep connection.

However, if this isn’t the case, then it might be possible that you are merely manufacturing a faced of love within your relationship that is completely built on lies and falsehoods. It’s perfectly possible for you to think that you’re in love with someone even when the love is nonexistent in the relationship.

But how do you know for sure?

Well, if you’re completely clueless, then you can use this article as a reference. If your partner exhibits the following red flags in your relationship, then there is a good chance that they don’t really love you after all.

1. They judge you for who you are and how you act.

They never make you feel like they accept you for who you are. You always feel like you are being judged for not being good enough for your partner in the relationship.

2. They don’t really make you feel involved or included.

They don’t really consult you on anything. They don’t ask you for your thoughts or opinions on anything. They don’t make you feel involved or included.

3. They don’t stay mindful of your feelings.

They don’t really try to stay mindful of your feelings. They don’t make an effort to figure out what is going on in your heart or in your mind. They act as if your feelings don’t matter much to them.

4. They never shower you with compliments or words of affection.

They don’t really say or do anything to make you feel better about yourself. It’s as if they couldn’t care less about fluffing your ego or making you happy.

5. They feed into your insecurities.

Instead of lifting your spirits and making you feel better about yourself, they feed into your insecurities. They make you feel worse off about who you are with their constant criticism.

6. You find yourself having to defend your partner to others.

You always find yourself having to defend your partner’s actions to your friends and family. They see the truth but you are just too stubborn or blind to see that they don’t love you the way that they should.

7. They don’t seem as invested in the relationship as you are.

They don’t put in the same kind of effort in the relationship as you do. You notice that you are the one who is carrying a huge bulk of the burden in your relationship. You are the one who is doing most of the heavy lifting on behalf of the both of you.

8. They don’t take you into consideration when planning for the future.

They don’t really try to ask you about plans that you might have for the future. They just continue planning their life away without really consulting you about it.


When you find yourself in an unfortunate scenario wherein you are in a relationship with someone who isn’t in love with you, then you need to act. It’s either you confront your partner about their feelings for you and you try to win their love. Or you just abandon the relationship altogether and try to start anew with someone else. Whatever the case, if you keep on moving forward in your relationship in the same manner, then it’s just bound to blow up in your face.

It’s time to face the music and just demand for something better instead.

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