8 Red Flags That Your Relationship Is About To Implode

Save it before it explodes!

To the trained eye, it’s fairly easy to determine whether a relationship has potential to succeed or if it’s doomed for failure. There are a lot of easy red flags to spot for relationships that just have no chance at going all the way. Incompatibility issues are really easy to spot if you just know what you’re looking for. If you ever find yourself in a tumultuous relationship that is filled with lots of negative energy and conflict, then maybe you have to rethink the state of your affairs.

Yes, it’s always a good idea to work through the difficult times in a relationship. No relationship could possibly survive without couples who are willing to offer full commitment and dedication to their love. But again, people must always know how to cut their losses. They must know when to quit while they’re ahead. There’s really no point in prolonging the inevitable.

When you choose to just stick in a relationship that is eventually going to fail, you are depriving yourself of the opportunity to find love elsewhere. You are depriving yourself of the love story that you really deserve. It’s better for the both of you to just call it quits and then move on to other better things in life. No amount of effort, time, and dedication is able to overcome substantial compatibility issues. You need to understand and learn that early on.

So how do you know if your relationship is doomed to fail? There are a few red flags that you can be on the lookout for. You just have to be honest with yourself. You can’t let yourself be blinded by your love or by your desperation to stay in a bad relationship. You have to be able to look at things objectively and assess the situation without bias. Here are a few blatant signs that your relationship is just eventually going to fall off the cliff.

1. You keep on arguing about the pointless things.

You just can’t seem to let your arguments go. You have too much pride and you just can’t seem to swallow it. You would rather put your relationship in jeopardy than give in and lose the argument. The healthy kinds of couples are those who know how to pick their battles.

2. Your sex life is the only thing making you happy in the relationship.

When your relationship is purely physical, then you know for sure that it isn’t sustainable. Eventually, your looks are going to go. Your beauty is going to fade and you’re only going to be left with each other’s personalities. If you can’t seem to be compatible with your emotions or your philosophies, then you are going to break up eventually.

3. You don’t really talk to each other much about things that matter.

The only kind of talk that you have is small talk. You avoid having tough and difficult conversations with each other because you feel like something is off. Remember that communication is an important aspect of any relationship. If neither of you are communicating well with each other, then you’re not going to last.

4. You just can’t seem to reconcile your differences as a couple.

A lot of couples are going to have their differences. But the best ones are those who are able to reconcile these differences in some shape or form. They are able to find compromises and they are able to make sacrifices for the sake of the relationship. If you are unable to do that, then you really aren’t going to last very long.

5. You both serve as hurdles to each other’s dreams.

If you were in a truly healthy and sustainable relationship, you would be pushing each other towards your goals and dreams. You would be encouraging each other to find success in life. But if you are serving as extra weight to each other, then that could be a formula for eventual resentment and hatred for each other.

6. You can’t seem to agree on future plans.

Long-term relationships are always those with couples who are able to set the direction in their relationship. They are those who are willing and open to the prospects of living together in the future. They are those who aren’t afraid to discuss complicated plans just to make sure that the relationship is going to last for a long time.

7. You don’t really devote any time to each other.

If you don’t spend time with one another often, then are you really in love? People who are genuinely in love with one another are those who always want to be in each other’s company. If you avoid your partner often, then maybe you have to reexamine your feelings.

8. Your instinct is telling you that something is off.

There’s just something wrong and your gut knows it. You can tell that something is off and most of the time, your gut isn’t wrong. Listen to your instincts. Trust them. They are only looking out for your best interests.

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