8 Seemingly Innocent Signs That You Have A Toxic Partner

Toxic relationships happen left and right in all walks of life. There are so many who find themselves getting stuck in toxic relationships without them even realizing it. Why is that? You’ve probably heard of this story in the past. You are probably already familiar with the idea of someone who stays in a relationship that is so clearly bad for them. Haven’t you ever wondered as to why that might be the case?

Well, the thing about toxicity is that a lot of the time, it’s very subtle and nuanced. Not a lot of people realize that they have toxic partners because toxicity isn’t always going to be overblown, dramatic, or blatant. It might have some very serious and damning effects. But it isn’t always going to be so out there with the way that it wreaks havoc in the lives of people.

That is why you always want to stay vigilant of the signs that you happen to be in a toxic relationship yourself. You never know when the person you’re in love with is actually the person who is also causing you serious emotional and mental damage. You would never know unless you stay vigilant and you keep yourself aware of the many signs that you should be keeping an eye out for.

Remember that love has the power to blind. Sometimes, you can just fall in love with a person too much to the point that you become blind to the many aspects of that individual’s personality that you should be taking note of. And that can be very problematic when you’re with a toxic human being. Your love would blind you to all the toxicity.

You need to maintain a good sense of introspection in your relationship. See it for what it really is. And if your partner is guilty of a lot of the signs listed here, it’s very likely that they are toxic individuals and you need to do something about it.

1. You feel so emotionally drained because of the relationship.

Not to say that relationships aren’t going to take energy out of you. But they should never be leaving you to feel emotionally drained. Your relationship should be adding more positive energy and vitality to the way you live your life.

2. Your partner brings out your fears and insecurities.

Your partner should never be making you feel more insecure and vulnerable than you already do. You should have someone who loves you so much that you feel a lot braver and stronger than you initially were.

3. You are never made to feel like you are being heard or listened to.

In any kind of romantic relationship, it is absolutely important that you are made to feel like you can express yourself however you want. And if your partner refuses to make you feel that way, it’s a toxic situation.

4. Your partner is never emotionally open towards you.

You never really feel like you know your partner on an intimate level. They just refuse to open themselves up to you to allow you to get to know them better.

5. You are the only one who is making all of the compromises in the relationship.

A relationship should always be a give-and-take kind of dynamic. And if you have a partner who just takes and takes while you do all of the giving, then it’s a toxic relationship.

6. Your partner doesn’t’ make you feel valued or appreciated.

You are never made to feel like you are being valued, appreciated, or validated for everything that you do for your partner and your relationship.

7. Your partner never takes responsibility in the relationship.

Your partner just seems to never take responsibility for any fault that they might commit. Somehow, everything that goes wrong in the relationship is always going to be your fault.

8. You feel like you are a worse person because of your relationship.

You feel like you are just a worse person because of your relationship. You know that you’re not happy and that you deserve better than this.


At the end of the day, you always want to believe in the best of your love and relationship. You always want to think that things are going to work out for the best for you. However, things aren’t always going to turn out the way that you want them to. And whenever that’s the case, you need to be honest with yourself.

If you force things with a toxic partner, you are only going to be setting yourself up for a lot of disappointment, anger, sadness, and heartache. It would be much better for you to just walk away from that relationship entirely and take your chances on someone else or on being single for a while. Being on our own is a lot better than being in a toxic relationship.

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