8 Signs a Woman is Done With You

Sometimes, women drop small clues that they’re not into you anymore, and if you don’t notice, you could lose her for good. If you spot any of these signs, it’s a cue to step up and work to win her back.

Here are signs that show a woman is no longer interested in you:

1. She begins hanging out with her friends more often

When a woman is done with a guy, she’ll hang out more with her friends than him. She does this to avoid being around him and spends time with others instead. Also, it means she doesn’t want to get too close again, as she doesn’t want to get back together with him – she’s finished with him!

2. She no longer complains about what she used to complain about

When a woman is done with you, she stops complaining about things she used to. It could be your habits or how you treat her. She doesn’t care about those things anymore because she feels it’s not worth her time. If you didn’t change even after her complaints, she’s given up on the relationship and doesn’t care anymore, so you can do what you want.

3. She’s lost interest in your conversations

When a woman is done with you, she won’t be interested in talking with you like before. She might even avoid your conversations. She’s not curious about your daily life or plans anymore. It’s like she used to share and chat, but not anymore.

4. She stops making plans with you

If you’re wondering if a woman is done with you, a big sign is she stops making plans. She cancels dates and doesn’t do things together. It means she doesn’t want to be around you anymore. If she used to suggest plans but now spends less time with you, she’s probably finished with you.

5. She gets annoyed with things you do or say that used to make her smile

Sometimes we laugh at our partner’s jokes just because we love them. We encourage their attempts to be funny and appreciate their effort. But when a woman is done with you, things that used to make her smile annoy her now. Even if you try to be funny, she won’t find it amusing. She’s not interested in you anymore.

6. She brings up other guys in conversation

When a woman is done with you, she might talk about other guys, saying how they’re interested in her or asking her out. It’s like she wants you to know she’s moving on. But if she still loves you, she won’t try to make you jealous by talking about other guys who could replace you. She wouldn’t want to hurt you or take any chances.

7. She no longer starts conversations, not even through texts

At the start of a relationship, guys often initiate contact to impress and win over the girl. Later, it’s usual for the girl to initiate more. She texts, calls, and plans first. But if a woman is done with you, she won’t reach out anymore. You notice the relationship is one-sided, and she’s not taking part.

8. She begins to pull away and show less affection

When a woman is done with you, she becomes distant and less affectionate. She might not stand close, hold hands, or hug you like before. Even if there’s contact, it feels awkward. This means her feelings have gone, and she doesn’t want to be close anymore.

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