8 Signs He’s Using You To Get Over His Ex

Starting a new relationship is like going on a fun adventure. But sometimes, the past can make things tricky. It’s important to notice signs to see if someone is using you to help them get over their ex.

We’re going to look at small hints that might show he’s still stuck in his old relationship and using your connection as a way to forget.

1. He’s Still Bitter About His Ex

If he’s constantly bringing up his ex in conversations with a bitter undertone, it might be a sign he hasn’t fully moved on. Pay attention to how he talks about her – if there’s lingering resentment or anger, it could indicate unresolved feelings that might be impacting your relationship.

2. He Stalks His Ex On Social Media

In the age of social media, actions speak louder than words. If you notice him frequently scrolling through his ex’s profiles or liking old pictures, he might be trying to fill an emotional void. It’s normal to be curious, but if it becomes a regular habit, it could be a sign he’s not entirely present in your relationship.

3. The Relationship Isn’t Romantic

Is the spark missing? If your interactions feel more like companionship than a romantic connection, it could be a red flag. If he’s using you as a distraction, he may not be invested emotionally. Watch out for signs like lack of affection, intimacy, or meaningful gestures – these can be indicators that he’s not fully ready for a committed relationship.

4. He’s Reluctant to Make Future Plans

When someone is using a relationship as a rebound, committing to future plans can be daunting. If he’s hesitant to discuss long-term goals or avoids making commitments beyond the short term, it might suggest he’s unsure about the future. A person on the rebound may be emotionally guarded, fearing the commitment that comes with making plans together.

5. He Keeps Comparing You to His Ex

Frequent comparisons between you and his ex can signal that he’s still mentally tethered to his past relationship. Whether he’s idealizing his ex or pointing out perceived shortcomings in you, constant comparisons indicate unresolved emotional baggage that could hinder the growth of your relationship.

6. He’s Emotionally Unavailable

If he’s emotionally distant or seems detached when you’re going through tough times, it might be because he’s not fully invested in your relationship. Using someone as a rebound often means keeping a certain emotional distance to avoid getting hurt again. If he’s not there for you emotionally, it could be a sign he’s not ready for a committed, supportive partnership.

7. He Avoids Discussing His Feelings

Open communication is key in any relationship, but if he clams up when it comes to discussing his emotions or avoids conversations about your relationship, it could be a sign that he’s using you to escape dealing with his own emotional baggage. A reluctance to share feelings may indicate a lack of true emotional connection.

8. He Talks About His Ex Excessively

While it’s natural for people to share parts of their past, if he consistently dominates conversations with stories about his ex or seems overly fixated on the past, it could indicate that he’s not fully present in the current relationship. Excessive talk about his ex may be a way for him to process unresolved feelings, making it challenging for your connection to thrive.

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