8 Signs That The Person You Like Just Isn’t Into You

It’s unfortunate, but it happens. We develop a liking or an interest for a person who just can’t develop mutual feelings for us. This emotional experience has inspired many sad love songs, plays, novels, movies, poems, essays, and more. The reason why this feeling is so popular is because it’s so relatable. It happens to resonate with so many people because frankly speaking, it happens to so many of us.

It’s just a sad fact that we’re all going to have to learn to accept with a heavy heart. Not everyone we like is going to like us in the way that we want them to. We aren’t all born with infinite good looks, charisma, charm, intelligence, and eloquence. We aren’t always going to get people to like us right away.

However, not to say that you can’t necessarily fight for a person to actually like you. That’s what it means to fight for love. Sometimes, it just takes a little time and effort to get a person to develop a gradual liking for you. And that’s okay. The best parts of you don’t always come out right away when you first meet a person and it’s only natural for someone to develop an interest in you only as you get deeper in your friendship.

You just have to stay patient and try to believe in the strength of your personality to carry you through. But given that, there are also times wherein no amount of effort in the world can compel a person to develop a liking for you.

And that’s the sad fact that most people have a hard time coming to terms with. They think that they have the ability to win anyone over with enough effort, but that’s not always the case. Some people just aren’t going to be into you no matter how much you try. And when that happens, you just have to accept it, cut your losses, and move on.

If you find that you’re completely clueless as to when you should just be calling it quits, then this article is for you. Know when to give up trying to get a person to be into you so that you don’t end up wasting any more of your time. Here are 12 signs that the person you like just isn’t into you.

1. They don’t really care about your whereabouts and social activities.

They really couldn’t care less about your plans for the weekend or what parties you’re attending. They aren’t invested in who you’re going to hang out with or where you’re going to be because their own plans don’t revolve around yours.

2. They spend more time away from you than with you.

They would much rather be alone or with other people than with you. When you try to ask them to hang out, they will tell you that they’re at the gym or that they already have plans with other friends instead.

3. They don’t really open up to you much about anything.

They don’t really feel comfortable with opening up to you about meaningful or deep things. They don’t trust you or like you well enough to actually bare their souls to you in a deep and intimate manner.

4. They don’t make an effort to look good for you.

If a person were truly interested in you, they would definitely make it a point to try and look their best for you. They would wear fancy clothes and style their hair really nice. But if they’re okay with looking like crap when they hang out with you, it’s probably because they don’t care about how you see them.

5. They don’t engage in physical intimacy with you.

One of the biggest telltale signs that a person just isn’t into you is when they refuse to engage in physical intimacy with you. Even the thought of just bumping shoulders with you in the hallway might seem strange to them.

6. They act fake or unnatural whenever they’re with you.

They can never feel like they could ever be themselves around you. You don’t manage to give them that kind of comfort or confidence. They are always on edge around you because they just aren’t comfortable being with you.

7. They take forever (and sometimes never) to reply to your texts.

Granted, even people who are into you might have some late replies every now and then. But the people who are truly into you would never NOT reply. They would always make it a point to reply to you as soon as possible if they truly liked you.

8. They only want to hang out with you in group settings.

And lastly, if they keep blowing off the times that you invite them to hang out with just the two of you, then that’s a real sign that they’re just not that into you.

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