You never forget your first love. That’s what they always say. And it’s still going to be true. It’s still going to be hard to just forget the person who served as your gateway into the world of love and romance. You are never going to be able to forget the first time you ever experienced falling in love with someone. However, as amazing as first loves might be, they don’t always work out. The first love isn’t still going to be the last. And it’s still unfortunate whenever people have to go through breakups.

However, first loves do end sometimes. And it can hurt whenever they do. But there are times wherein you might have had to break things up with your first love even though the two of you were meant to be together after all. Maybe it was just the wrong place or the wrong time. Whatever the case, here are a few signs that you and your first love were truly meant to be together.

1. You think about them a lot even when you’re with someone new.

No matter who you’re with, you always find your mind wandering off to thoughts of them. They are the subjects of your daydreams and your fantasies.

2. You still have some feelings for them.

You know that you still have feelings for them. There is always something inside of you that gets triggered whenever you happen to think of them. There is this weird emotional connection that you have with them, which you can’t seem to get rid of just yet.

3. You still openly communicate with one another.

You still feel comfortable with opening yourselves up to one another in a very intimate and vulnerable way. This means that you still trust one another and that you take comfort in each other. However, this kind of intimacy is never something that regular relationships are going to have. There is something special here.

4. You still feel a connection between the two of you.

There is still a palpable connection between the two of you. You can’t shake the fact that something is binding the two of you together. You might not be able to put it into words, but you feel it in your heart. You always feel it regardless if the two of you are around one another or not. Something is still connecting the two of you.

5. You feel completely comfortable in their presence.

The two of you still feel completely at ease and comfortable with one another. Whenever the two of you together, you never feel like you have to force the issue at all. You still feel like you’re entirely at home and that you’re free to be your real and genuine self.

6. Your instincts are telling you that you’re meant to be.

Trust your gut. Follow your intuition and trust your instincts. Sometimes, your mind can have a way of just overcomplicating everything. Yes, it’s good to always think about something thoroughly. However, you never want to get in the habit of denying your intuition its voice. You need to be able to listen to that voice. It knows best.

7. You keep finding reasons to stay in touch.

Even though the two of you have already broken up, you still make an effort to stay in touch with one another. You are always trying to find reasons to make contact with each other. This is proof that you’re still drawn to each other and that you still haven’t completely let one another go just yet.

8. You never really had closure in your breakup.

If you never really had closure, it can be tough to determine whether something came to an end or not. The fact that the two of you never had closure in your relationship might be proof that things haven’t come to an end after all. Perhaps your ending doesn’t exist. Maybe there is a chance that the two of you can get back together and finish what you started.


Sure, it might not be the most natural thing in the world to start things up again with someone who you ended the relationship with. But it’s not impossible. There are so many people out there who have proven that sometimes, with a little bit of luck and the right timing, it’s possible to bring a relationship back from the dead. You don’t have to think that your break up is final.

Love knows no deadlines. If the two of you are meant to be, then you’re meant to be. That’s the story. Hopefully, you end up in wherever you might need to be for your story to come to fruition. Always trust your heart. Follow your gut.

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