8 Signs That You Are In a Happy Relationship

How do you tell the good relationships from the bad?

Not all relationships are created equal. All relationships share different beginnings, middles, and unfortunately for some, ends. Relationships can only be as good as the people who are in it, and since we are all so different as a people, the level of stability and happiness in our relationships vary. You will always encounter some couples who feel like they have their entire lives ahead of them, and there will be some couples who you know are just bound to break-up at some point.

How do you tell the good relationships from the bad? There some signals that you could be looking out for. If you feel like you find yourself doubting the kind of relationship you’re in, don’t worry about it. You’re not alone. Many people experience this problem. What you need to do is examine the ins and outs of your relationship and see if it’s still a love that’s worth fighting for.

Here are 8 obvious signs that you are in a happy relationship that is worth keeping and worth fighting for:

1. You Feel Safe and Secure Whenever You’re Together

Life can be a big pain in the butt. There are problems that need to be fixed left and right, and it can all get a little overwhelming sometimes. A lot of times, you will just want to curl up into a little ball and hope that your troubles eventually go away. But whenever you’re in a stable relationship, you automatically feel a little more secure about facing life because you know you have a partner who is going to help you along the way. You have someone who will pick you up when you’re down and will be at you’re side when you’re feeling weak.

2. You Don’t Take Each Other for Granted

Couples who are happy and stable together know the value of their relationship. They understand that they shouldn’t be looking at each other as commodities, but as human beings who deserve to feel love. If you feel like you’re in a relationship that is nurturing and one that is built on mutual respect for each other as individuals, then you’re one of the lucky few. You know you can always rely on each other to be a rock to lean on but you also know each other’s limits.В – Continue reading on the next page

3. You’re Both Hopeful About the Future

You both see a future with one another. You’re not entirely sure what the future holds, but you know for sure that whatever trials may come your way, you’re going to be facing them together. You are confident that when all your dreams come true, your partner will be right there at your side being the first to congratulate you. You both understand that the future doesn’t have to be so scary as long as you have each other.

4. You’re Not Afraid of Getting Hurt

You’re basically entrusting your entire being with another person and you’re perfectly fine with it. You’re opening yourself to a lot of emotional trauma and possible physical abuse but that doesn’t faze you one bit. You know that the relationship that you’re in is a loving and caring one, and while hardships may come your way, you know that pain will never be enough to bring you down. You know for sure that you’ll never get hurt with the safe arms of your partner wrapped around you.

5. You Serve As Each Other’s Support System

You understand each other’s goals and dreams and you do your best to serve as the best kind of support system possible. You know that the success of one is also the success for both of you as a couple. You know that it’s always a team effort when it comes to you guys because you share everything with each other and are both willing to compromise. You try to fill in the gaps of each other’s lives so you both feel like you’re two complete human beings.В – Continue reading on the next page

6. You’re Thankful That You’re Together

You don’t take your relationship for granted and you cherish every moment that you’re together because you know that this is a special kind of love. You often find yourself how you got so lucky and you question whether or not you deserve the love that you’re getting. Trust us, you deserve it and you deserve each other.

7. You’re Deeply Passionate About Each Other

You’re very passionate about each other both physically and emotionally. You share high amounts of intimacy with each other and it feels very natural and organic. You both consume each other’s thoughts throughout various points of the day and you feel like you’re somehow connected in some weird spiritual way. You understand the clich of one soul inhabiting two different bodies because you’re actually living it.

8. You’re Very Comfortable With One Another

It’s as simple as that. You feel like you can be in your most raw and most natural state whenever you’re around one another. You know that you won’t be judged, you won’t get hurt, and you won’t be made fun of despite your imperfections. You are accepted for who you are, and you are loved no matter what.

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