8 Signs That Your College Romance Is Going To Last

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Any college sweethearts here?

College is such a significant phase of a lot of people’s lives. For one, it’s the final phase one has to go through before emerging into full-blown adulthood. College is where people are most exposed to so many different kinds of human beings. This exposure gives them the kind of perspective and philosophy that they need as they walk into the next phases of their lives. It’s also an opportunity for a lot of people to start laying the real groundwork for their future careers and families.

College is usually where a lot of people really get to explore relationships and romance. Sure, there are a few rare high school couples who are able to carry their love and relationships into adulthood. But most of the time, these high school romances rarely ever last. It is much more common for college romances to be the ones that carry over into real adult relationships. And so that’s why a lot of people place so much emotional investment into their college relationships. There is some serious potential for college relationships to be the foundations for future family formation.

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So how do you know if the person you’re with in college is actually the person you’re meant to be with for the rest of your life? Well, there is no way to definitively say for sure. You are the only one who gets to decide that. But here are some signs that can help give you a good idea that you’re on the right track with your relationship.

1. You both constantly show each other off.

When you both constantly show one another off to your friends, it’s because you are deeply proud of one another. You aren’t just proud of each other in the sense that you treat each other as trophies or prizes. You are proud of one another in the sense that you are genuinely impressed by how amazing and individual your partner is. You would grasp at any opportunity to let the world know that you’re together.

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2. You both really appreciate one another’s quirks.

It’s not just about the good parts for either of you. You are both genuinely appreciative of each other as a whole including the good parts and the bad. You aren’t just there to pick and choose the spots that you like about one another. You both love the total package when it comes to your partner.

3. You are both very fond of each other’s friends and families.

Social integration won’t necessarily be a big problem for you because you are both fond of each other’s friends and families. Ultimately, in the future, you are going to be integrating your social circles. But this isn’t an issue for you because of the good relations that you both have already established.

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4. You are both interested in each other’s favorite books, movies, and music.

Not to say that it’s an absolute requirement for the both of you to be fond of the same stuff, but it definitely helps in the relationship. If you are both into the same kinds of movies, music, books, and other interests, then it means that you have plenty of things that you can relate to one another with. Forging a connection will feel easy and natural all the time.

5. You both share the same views on children and future families.

Of course, one big indicator of relationship compatibility is when the both of you share similar philosophies on family planning. The thing is, no matter how in love the two of you may be, if you don’t see eye to eye as far as the future is concerned, things are never going to work out. So consider it a good sign that you both share reconcilable visions of the future.

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6. You both know how to have healthy arguments.

Conflict is always a given in all relationships no matter how strong your love might be. But the trick is in having healthy conflicts that don’t necessarily harm the relationship as a whole. If you are both mature enough to actually have healthy arguments that aren’t bastardized by oversized egos, then that’s a good sign.

7. You have a very active and healthy sex life.

Sex is always going to be important in modern relationships because it’s one of the best ways for couples to build physical intimacy with one another. So if you and your partner are constantly engaging in an adventurous and exciting sex life, you are always building on your passion and intimacy with each other. You are refusing to let your relationship become stagnant and predictable.

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8. You both share a great sense of humor.

A sense of humor is always going to be very important in relationships especially when it comes to determining longevity. You have to understand that as time goes by, the physical attraction doesn’t become so important anymore. Over time in the relationship, physical appearances can fade, but a good sense of humor can only get better.

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