8 Signs that your Current Relationship is Hopeless

Love is always worth fighting for, always. Sometimes, deep inside your heart, you already know that there is no love left to fight for. Some relationships reach their breaking point and we prolong them in hopes to salvage this lost cause but we have to accept the reality that this is beyond our control anymore. The art of letting go is only known by some but it is something that you have to learn at some point in your life.

Everything gets old at one point in life. Whether it is a car, your clothes, your food or even your relationship, It all gets old eventually and old things sometimes do not work that well. But it is not something to depress you over. Some facts in life are for everyone and with time you realize that whether your relationship is worth keeping or not. There are some indications which tell you whether you should continue a relationship or just end it.

The moment you get these indications, then you should know that it is time to think again about what you want in life.

1. You Just don’t want to seduce their Naked soul Anymore

I am surrounded by rotten souls. Everyone puts their bodies up for auction nowadays. Where did all the naked souls wander off to? There was a time when I could stare in people’s eyes, drown in their sorrows and salvage some lost pieces. Everyone has retreated into the deepest corners of their subconscious and built crenellations and fortified themselves. Their naivety amazes me at times. They are holding their spirituality in a scaffold.

They are holding their souls captive whichВ need a perpetual supply of freedom. Your enemies are not outside these walls, they lie within you, inside your crooked brain and your hollow veins. They are pumping white emptiness to your whole body. Undress your soul and let me see you as you were made, for a human is a picturesque view when he is most vulnerable. He is no longer stoic; he is a cascade of emotions and a stroke of blues and greys. He is a terrifying mess and an indelible view.

If your relationship was based on lust and not love, you’ll eventually figure out that when that sexual urge subsides, you will lose interest in the other person. Even if it wasn’t based on lust, Love tends to fade without any reason whatsoever sometimes. This maybe because the person who you are in a relationship just wasn’t the right one for you and you have to accept this fact. The relationship had a limited lifetime and humans are fickle beings.

No matter what you do, you’ll prioritise other things rather than searching out the deepest and darkest corners of your partner’s soul. He will show you the exact same response. You will not feel any sort of vulnerability and you will become a statue of sorts in front of your partner.

It’s time to let go and end the misery.

2. Their presence starts to annoy you

There are some people in your life whose presence starts to annoy you. You can’t even stand being a single minute in front of them. I can’t outline all the reasons behind such a situation. No matter what the reasons behind such unfortunate events, even a small confrontation can end in an altercation. A relationship is supposed to heal you and provide you warmth. When it causes a flagrant violation of someone’s emotions, it’s time to end it for good.

3. There are no fights and no disagreements

There should always be minor disagreements and small fights in a relationship. Communication of any sort is essential to the longevity of a relationship. If you do not argue anymore and just ignore all the actions of your partner, then the element of excitement diminishes. It gets dreary and dull and your heart just empties.

Staring at the ceiling in the dark, same old empty feeling in your heart”

– Passenger

You can tackle pain and you can even fight the mighty forces of anger but emptiness is something that can destroy a person. You have to find the source of this void in your heart and if it is the relationship, then you need to end it at once. I know how it is to lie down and let the clouds of nothingness shroud you. You become so hopeless that you even start to have suicidal thoughts.

This is very harmful for you and the only remedy is to leave for newer adventures.

4. When you start to have way too many fights:

If you are having a lot of fights for no good reason then you might want to start thinking again about how badly you want this relationship. We all know that fighting is not good for people emotionally as well as mentally. When you fight you get hurt emotionally and that affects you a lot mentally and psychologically, both. When you and your partner start to fight over things which do not have that much importance it means that you both are taking your frustrations out through fighting and you both are just not happy with each other.

What you do in an unhealthy relationship is that you look for excuses to fight with each other and then the moment you get the excuses you start to take your temper out on your partner. When this happens you should know immediately that the relationship you are in is no longer good for you. Yes it is possible that you start to remember the good times that you had with your partner but those good times do not always mean that they will last forever.

As mentioned earlier, some relationships get old and when they get old they may start to deteriorate. It may be a little hard to believe but if you are not healthy mentally it starts to get visible in your physical health has well. So there is nothing more important than good health. If you believe you were not happy with what you have then do not let it affect your health. It is sometimes okay to just move on and finish what is not good for you.

Yes, it is hard for those people whose relationships are longer than a decade and they think that leaving or breaking up is not an option but trust me, it is never too late to end a bad relationship.

5. Seeing your partner as inferior or superior to you:

Some people might not agree with this but in a good relationship being equal with your partner is as important as making love. It is one of those driving forces of a relationship which we don’t observe and appreciate as often. Now if you believe that you are probably above or beneath your partner in terms of looks, personality, finances or anything, and if your partner believes the same then it is time for you to either give it a thorough thought or to get out of it.

The reason is that the moment you start to feel your partner is above you the inferiority complex starts to ruin things for you but if you feel like you’re above your partner then superiority complex ruin your relationship in both cases it is not healthy for you and for your partner.В Low self-esteem is something which one should not have because in this case, the chances of having low self-esteem are quite high and unhealthy.

6. You both are unable to see things from each other’s perspectives:

When there is proper communication among partners, the relationship stays successful. The moment you observe that your partner or you fail to see things from each other’s perspectives, that is when there is a huge gap in communication and understanding. Lack of communication and understanding is one of the reasons that lead to so many divorces and break-ups, therefore, if you see that in your own relationship you should know that it needs to be fixed immediately and if you are unable to fix it immediately then it is time to just let go.

Of course, it is hard to let go of something that you have loved for a very long time but sometimes, there are things which we love a lot but they are unhealthy for us so it is better for us to avoid them for our own good. Now if you fail to see things from your partner’s perspective then it will definitely lead to some problems which will be highly toxic for your relationship as well as a mental health.

Instead of dragging something toxic with you, why not just let it go and live a life free of problems and unhealthy issues?

7. Fear of being dumped by your partner:

You have already accepted that the relationship cannot be saved anymore. You are just staying because a flicker of hope always burns in your heart. It’s human nature or maybe you’re just too tired of all the drama and you don’t want more of it in your life. Maybe you are scared that you might end up hurting your partner. There are so many reasons behind this situation but irrespective of that, you just get the feeling that your partner will pack his bags and leave you any minute. You’ve made each other so miserable that you have no reason whatsoever left to stay in the relationship.

If you have that constant feeling that your partner will leave you if you do something stupid or make a very small mistake then I’m afraid you need to take a look again at your relationship because something is happening terribly wrong. The insecurity will lead you to fight with your partner for no valid reasons. Either you will become way too submissive or you would try to become way too dominant in the relationship. In both cases, it is unhealthy for you as well as your partner. Instead of getting both of you in some serious problem, it is better that you either confront your partner and discuss what you need and how to fix this problem or simply let the relationship go and free both of you from a relationship which is no longer good for you two.

8. Excuses and the blame game

You always find excuses to end the relationship. Your partner does the same. You both have indulged into the blame game. You need to understand that relationships turn toxic and sometimes the fault lies in both of you or neither of you. Life is supposed to be hard. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. If you reach a point where you need alibis to run away, then you need to stop holding each other culpable for a toxic relationship. The best way is to just end things.

It is okay to have problems in a relationship as long as you can fix them and they are not affecting your mental and physical health. But if you have problems which cannot be fixed easily then do share you experience and let us know how this information has helped you out in coming out of a problematic relationship.

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