8 Undeniable Signs That Your Ex Is Still In Love With You (And What Your Next Move Should Be)

Breakups are terrible. But here’s something that you should know: breakups aren’t always final. Sure, you and your partner ended things because your relationship just wasn’t working out. But what if you still have feelings for your partner? What if you realize that you weren’t ready to end things after all? What if you’re filled with so much regret and you’re just itching to give your relationship another try? Well, here’s the good news. Sometimes, it’s possible for people to get back together even after a breakup.

A lot of times, people who break up are still people who are in love with one another. It happens. And the reason for that is because love alone isn’t going to be enough to sustain a relationship. There are just so many factors that go into making a relationship work; and sometimes, even when two people are in love with one another, they still aren’t able to sustain their relationship for the long-term. And it’s unfortunate whenever two people who are in love are forced to breakup. It’s a different kind of pain when you know that you want something and you’re just unable to make it work.

However, a lot of things can change between the moment of the breakup and the moment you decide that you’re not getting over your ex. Maybe you both can grow. Maybe the conditions are different this time around. Whatever the case, there is always a chance that the two of you can get back together and make things work in your relationship on your second try. However, the key is in determining whether your ex shares the same idea as you. What if even though you want to get back together with your ex, they have already completely moved on from you?

Well, the answer is fairly simple. If you know that your ex has completely moved on from you, then the chances of you getting back together are practically nonexistent. You’re just going to have to suck it up, deal with reality, face the pain, and move on the best way you know how. However, if you think that your ex still has feelings for you, then you have a legitimate shot at sparking things up again. You just have to be sure in your approach or else you risk looking like a complete idiot.

But how exactly can you tell if your ex still wants you back? How do you know if they still have feelings for you? Well, for some people who are intuitive enough, they just know. But if you’re completely clueless, and you need a guide; this article is for you. If you notice that a lot of these signs apply to your ex, then it’s likely that they are still in love with you. And if that’s the case, you shouldn’t waste any time trying to reignite that flame with them.

1. They maintain contact with you even when it’s unnecessary.

There’s no reason why your ex would still be engaging in random chitchat with you unless they haven’t gotten over you.

2. They try to drop hints about how they’ve changed and improved.

They will want to make it seem like they are changed people; that things are going to be a lot different this time around if you just give them a chance.

3. They continuously want to talk about the reasons for the breakup.

They want so desperately to find out where things went wrong in the relationship. They want to know the reasons for why you guys weren’t able to make it work – and it’s all because they want to know how to fix things moving forward.

4. They don’t jump back into the dating scene even when it has been a while.

They don’t want to be dating anyone else because in their mind and heart; it’s always going to be you. And it’s hard to date other people when they still aren’t over you.

5. They constantly stalk you on social media.

They’re keeping tabs on what you’re doing. They just can’t seem to detach themselves from you entirely; and so they stalk you on social media a lot.

6. They stay in touch with your set of friends and family.

They don’t want to cut ties with the people in your life because they know that they still want to be in contact with you.

7. They act all hostile when they find out you’re dating someone new.

They get unreasonably upset when they find out that you’re seeing someone new. Why would they be upset if they didn’t have feelings for you?

8. They still go out of their way to do nice things for you.

There is absolutely no reason for your ex to be doing nice things for you anymore – so you have every right to assume that they still have feelings for you if they do.

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