8 Signs That Your Partner Is Just Taking You For Granted In Your Relationship

It isn’t always going to be an easy feat – trying to determine whether a guy is just trying to take advantage of you in your relationship or not. However, it’s very important that you are able to figure out if your man is only in a relationship with you for reasons other than love. You never want to be giving your love to someone who just plainly isn’t worth it. You don’t want to be giving too much of yourself to someone who is only going to use, abuse, and manipulate you.

You have to keep yourself protected at all costs. Yes, it’s important that you open your heart up to people whenever you want to get closer to them. However, you still have to make it a point to stay guarded. You still want to make sure that you aren’t putting yourself in a position to be hurt and made a fool out of. That’s why you want to be vigilant of the signs that you’re actually in a relationship with someone who is only using you.

If you notice a lot of these signs in your partner, then you’re in for some bad news. He’s only using you for reasons beyond love and he just isn’t worth it. The best course of action for you would be to call him out on his manipulative and toxic behavior. And if he refuses to budge, then you might just want to exit that relationship entirely.

1. He never apologizes to you in the relationship.

He never really apologizes to you even when he screws up in the relationship. He’s perfectly fine with just doing his own thing and going about his own way. He doesn’t really care much about the fact that his words or actions might hurt you. He doesn’t feel compelled to apologize for it.

2. He makes you feel crazy whenever you try to set boundaries.

Whenever you try to bring up your feelings or misgivings in the relationship, he always brushes you off and makes you feel like you’re just being crazy. When you try to set boundaries in the relationship, he still tries his best to make you feel like crazy. This is his way of trying to invalidate your thoughts and opinions on things.

3. He doesn’t follow through on promises.

He doesn’t really try to follow through on promises that he makes towards you in the relationship. Whenever he tells you that he’s going to do something in the relationship, it’s doubtful that he would ever really follow through on it. He doesn’t care about disappointing you and making you feel bad.

4. He generally just assumes that you will always stay with him.

He generally just thinks that you’re going to stay with him forever. He assumes that no matter what he does to you in the relationship, you’re going to love him. He thinks that in spite of the lack of effort that he gives, you’re still going to remain loyal to him. He takes you for granted.

5. He never really messages you unless you send him a message first.

He really isn’t going to make you feel like he thinks about you whenever you’re not together. It’s doubtful that he would ever text you first unless he actually needs something out of you. Otherwise, you are always the one who needs to be sending the first message in order to start a conversation.

6. He always expects you to make adjustments in the relationship.

He constantly expects you to make the adjustments in the relationship. He never drives too far to get to where you are. You are the one who has to make the long commute. He doesn’t move meetings around so he can meet you. You are the one who has to schedule around his life.

7. He acts very selfishly in the bedroom.

Whenever the two of you are getting physically intimate with one another, he’s only ever interested in pleasing himself. He’s only looking forward to extracting satisfaction for himself. And he isn’t really thinking about giving you any kind of sexual fulfillment at all. He only cares about his own sexual joy and pleasure.

8. He consistently cancels on plans with you.

He doesn’t care if he hurts your feelings or he disappoints you. He doesn’t care that you feel bad because you’ve gotten your hopes up. He’s going to willingly cancel plans on you if he feels like something better comes up. He doesn’t care much about how bad or heartbroken it might make you feel.

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