8 Signs That Your Partner Is Only Using You And What To Do About It

This is something that can happen to anyone. Don’t you dare think that you would ever be immune to such manipulation and abuse. And it doesn’t even have to happen in just a romantic relationship. It’s perfectly possible that you would have workmates, friends, or even family members who would be so willing to just use you for what you can do for them.

They employ all sorts of manipulative tactics just to get you to do what they want you to do regardless if it’s convenient for you or not. You say yes to a simple favor every so often. And before you know it, the favors come in a little too frequently. You’re being used.

Sometimes, it can be easy to spot a partner who is only using you. Perhaps they only ever send you a text when they want something or if they’re looking to hook up with you late at night. Maybe a boss or manager at work is always guilting you into working late. They might even be threatening your job in an effort to get you to do more than is actually required. It might even take the form of a “friend” who only ever really shows up whenever they need something from you.

User-friendly people are everywhere. And they can make for really toxic people to be in relationships with. They generate so much imbalance and the relationship can feel like it’s just too much to bear. You would never want to subject yourself to the abuse and manipulation of anyone – most especially not in a romantic relationship. That is why you want to make yourself aware of the many signs that someone might be using you and what you need to do about it.

1. You feel uncomfortable whenever you are around them.

You just don’t feel comfortable whenever you are around them. Your instincts are telling you that something is up and that’s why you’re experiencing some kind of discomfort around this person. It means that you don’t feel comfortable with trusting them completely.

2. They are only ever nice to you when they want something.

They don’t really treat you nicely unless they are trying to get you to do something for them. They’re just trying to make it seem like they genuinely care about you when all they really care about is what you can do for them.

3. They make you feel resented whenever you don’t follow through.

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They guilt you whenever you are unable to deliver. Whenever you try to refuse doing them a favor, they’re going to make it feel like you have just done a great injustice towards them. They are really going to guilt you in order to manipulate you.

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