8 Signs That Your Relationship Is Going To End In 2018

Red flags.

Not all relationships are meant to be. That seems to be the sad tragedy that a lot of us still have trouble accepting. Love is such an amazing thing except for the times when it isn’t. and love isn’t always going to be amazing for a lot of us all the time. In fact, a lot of the time, love is such a big hassle and stressor for plenty of us. This is especially evident in relationships that are just plain toxic and doomed for failure. There are plenty of couples who are in doomed relationships and a lot of them even know that their relationships are less than ideal, but they still try to fight for a failing love to the best of their abilities.

But it needs to be said that not even all of the effort and best intentions in the world will be enough to actually make a relationship last. It takes a whole lot more than just mere effort and commitment to make the relationship last. There are just so many things that have to fall into place for a relationship to have a legitimate fighting shot. And even then, love is never promised.

So if you happen to find yourself in a relationship that is less than perfect at the moment, you have a decision to make either you keep on fighting in the relationship and you hope for the best, or you just cut your losses now so you can get a head start on going your separate ways and moving on from one another. It’s a difficult decision to make. On the one hand, you don’t want to throw away what you have especially if you think that you still have a shot at making things work. But on the other hand, you don’t want to be wasting your time with beating a dead horse.

And so a lot of couples end up getting caught in some sort of relationship limbo because of this dilemma. They stay together even though their hearts and minds are no longer in the relationship at all. This is because a lot of people just don’t know how to read the signs of the relationship. To help put your mind at ease, you have to know if your relationship is indeed doomed for failure or not before you come to making any serious decisions about it.

Here are 8 signs that your relationship is going to end in 2018.

1. You find yourselves talking about one another in negative ways.

You talk about each other behind one another’s backs and it’s never about the good things. You are constantly complaining to third parties about the sad state of your relationship. Things are so toxic, that you both constantly need to find external outlets for stress relief.

2. You only pick and choose the parts of each other’s personalities to love.

You aren’t necessarily into the whole concept of loving one another wholeheartedly and unconditionally. You only choose the parts of your partner that you want to love. You know that that’s the kind of love that can’t really be relied on. It’s an unstable foundation to build a relationship on.

3. Your friends are telling you that you’re both bad for each other.

While you should never let your friends dictate how you go about your life, it still pays to heed their advice every once in a while. If they tell you that your relationship is bad for you, it’s because they’re looking out for you.

4. You don’t really have any shared interests or hobbies.

There really isn’t much that connects you two as people. You both constantly find yourselves having to force your bond with one another because your personalities are just too different and incompatible.

5. You both constantly irritate one another.

Instead of finding joy in each other’s company, you find yourselves constantly being irritated by one another. You don’t really have fun with one another because you being together always manages to breed a very toxic and stressful environment.

6. You get really toxic and personal in your arguments.

Whenever you have your disagreements and your conflicts, things get really toxic and personal. You start attacking one another instead of just attacking the issue. You also have a tendency of saying things in arguments that you both end up regretting because of how hurtful they can be.

7. You have a very unhealthy sex life.

Your sex life is just plain unhealthy. This is manifested by the fact that you are only looking to ever really please your own self and not your partner. You don’t care about generating chemistry at all. You only want to find pleasure for yourself.

8. You treat your relationship as a competition.

You don’t really look to support or push one another towards your goals and dreams. You are more like competitors than you are partners or teammates. You get jealous of each other whenever the other finds success in life.

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