8 Signs That You’re Ready To Escape Your Abusive Relationship

No one deserves abuse of any sort!

Abusive relationships are quite tormenting and difficult to bear for victims. A lot of the time, people who are victims in abusive relationships can often find it challenging to gather the strength to end things. They are often manipulated, tormented, and made to suffer excruciating pain. They will be made to believe their own helplessness. Their abusers will make them think that they won’t survive life outside of the relationship. And so they will end up paralyzed. They won’t know what to do to help pick themselves up from the pit they are in. 

And maybe you happen to be in that situation now. Maybe you are caught in an abusive relationship and you’ve had enough. You no longer want to have anything to do with your abusive partner and you want to start finding a better happier life outside of the relationship. But you’re not sure if you think that you can. You’re not sure if you’re ready to do so. Know that you don’t have to rush into anything. But the sooner that you get out of an abusive relationship, the better it will be for your soul. You don’t want to keep your partner in charge of your life. You don’t want to subject yourself to the emotional and mental tortures that an abusive relationship can bring. But again, if you want to take your time and gather the strength to walk away, then do so. You should always be moving at your own pace.

But if you think that you are somewhat ready, but are unsure of it, then this article is for you. Here are a few signs that you are indeed ready to walk away from this abusive relationship that has chained you for far too long. 

1. You know how to take care of yourself as an independent person.

A lot of times, people will stay in abusive relationships because they think they won’t survive a life alone. But if you think that you are fully capable of being strong and independent outside of your relationship, then that means you are ready to end things. 

2. You can envision a future without your abusive partner in your life.

It’s all about the future that you have envisioned for yourself. If you can envision a future wherein you are thriving in life without your abusive partner, then that means you are ready to end your abusive relationship. It means you are ready to face the challenges that come your way. 

3. You realize that your abusive partner can survive without you.

Some people are just too kind and too giving. They will allow themselves to be abused and used just because they want to be of service to other people. Maybe you used to think that your partner would disintegrate into nothing if you left. But once you realize that they would be fine without you, there should be nothing that stops you from taking back your life. 

4. You start to understand that it’s okay for you to be selfish.

A lot of people won’t want to be selfish. They don’t want to be judged for going after the things that they want most in life because they don’t want to be branded as someone who is self-centered and conceited. But if you’re no longer afraid of that, then it’s time for you to walk away. 

5. You open your eyes to your own unfortunate situation.

Maybe you just kept on lying to yourself and that’s why you put up with all of the bad things that have been happening to you. Maybe you just chose to deliberately blind yourself from the evils of the relationship. But if you see now that things aren’t the way that they’re supposed to be. You should be initiating the exit process. 

6. You can think of better ways to spend your time.

Time is valuable. You don’t want to waste whatever time is given to you to spend on this earth with a person who is constantly abusing you. You always want to make sure that you are using your time wisely and efficiently. Make better use of your time by ending this relationship and finding happiness elsewhere.

7. You are willing to initiate the breakup.

Sometimes, a lot of people will get paralyzed by the fear of drama. They don’t want to be the cause of any unnecessary drama and so they won’t want to initiate a breakup. But if you feel like you’re prepared for the drama that ensues after a breakup, then that’s a good thing. You can go ahead and pursue a better life for yourself outside of the relationship now. 

8. You know that your friends are going to be there for you.

Friends are great. You know that they would be there for you to help you bear with all the troubles in the world. If you have a solid group of friends you can turn to after a breakup, then you should just go ahead and end things.  

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