8 Signs That You’ve Subconsciously Checked Out Of Your Relationship

Your subconscious would never lie to you.

Mainstream media might lead us to believe that all romantic stories are always destined for that fairytale ending. But reality is always going to find a way to slap us across the face with the truth. Not all romantic relationships are built to stand the test of time and that’s just an unfortunate fact that we must all learn to live with. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be trying your best to pursue the love that you think you deserve. It’s still perfectly okay for you to really invest yourself in the relationships that you believe have actual shots at going all the way. At the end of the day, relationships are constant discoveries that two people make about one another each and every day. And with these discoveries, they make a daily conscious choice to love one another; to traverse through life’s complicated ups and downs together.

Life is composed of constant self-discovery and development. And unfortunately, with individual development, a relationship leaves itself open to being unable to adapt along with the individual. And when that happens, needs aren’t being met anymore; expectations are no longer being honored. Sometimes, the individual can outgrow the relationship that they’re in, and that creates substantial dysfunction in the romance. And when that happens, it’s fairly common for these people to still be in relationships even though their hearts have long exited from it.

When you get into a relationship with someone, you always hope for the best. You dream that things work out for the both of you in the end. But the universe doesn’t always agree with the plans we set for ourselves and we have to learn how to roll with the punches. Just because you’ve declared your emotional commitment to a person and to a relationship doesn’t mean that you can’t get out of it when your feelings change. People change and that’s just the very essence of life. It’s not something that you can control. And when you feel like your relationship is no longer adding value to your life, you have to be able to emotionally and physically cut yourself off from the relationship. If you don’t, then it only ends up becoming dead weight to you, and you really can’t have that. It keeps you from maximizing the potential of the life that you want to live for yourself. You can’t let a failed relationship keep you from pursuing the life and love that you’ve always dreamed of.

Your biases could do you in. Your biases could be the culprit; the culprit that is keeping you from just cutting ties with your failed social experiment. Sometimes, you feel so much pressure to make something work with someone even though things are already beyond repair. And when that happens, there is always a chance that you are only invested in the relationship in a physical capacity at this point. Your subconscious has practically already checked out. Your gut has already realized that things are beyond saving. But your conscious mind is stubborn and you’re just trying to beat a dead horse by staying in a relationship that’s all but over.

It might not be an easy truth to swallow, but it’s something that you really have to come to terms with. Pay attention to the signs. They’re there. You just have to be vigilant enough to seek them out and recognize their presence. Here are 8 signs that you’ve subconsciously checked out of the relationship.

1. You feel uncomfortable with making long-term plans with your partner.

2. You become okay with prioritizing other things in your life over the relationship.

3. You do or say things that you know you wouldn’t be comfortable with your partner doing or saying.

4. You don’t really think about a life that you could share with your current partner anymore.

5. You only ever really do nice things and gestures for your partner because you feel an obligation to do so.

6. You act unfaithful to your partner in both a physical or emotional capacity.

7. You feel like you’re very lonely in your relationship even when your partner is always around.

8. You are already really depressed about the degradation of your relationship.

Breakups are the worst. There’s nothing easy about them and it’s unfortunate that some romantic relationships have to come to an end in general. But you have to understand that it’s much better to just face the music and end an already relationship than to just continue to slave away in a romance that does nothing positive for you anymore. Your subconscious is already on its way out and your conscious self should just learn to follow. Trust your gut and believe in your instincts. Love will come for you just not right now.

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