8 Signs You And Your Partner Should Breakup Even If You Think The Relationship Isn’t Bad

A lot of times, in relationships, it can be very obvious to spot out a specific reason (or a list of specific reasons) as to why you would want to end your union with someone. Perhaps your partner has cheated on you and you just can’t bring yourself to forgive them for it. Maybe your partner has inflicted physical violence upon you or people close to you and you just don’t want to be around someone like that.

However, the signs that you should break up with someone isn’t always going to be so clear-cut. They aren’t always going to be so obvious. You might be in a relationship that you need to end without you even knowing it. And that can be a problem because you might be blind to all the ways that this relationship is bad for you. And even worse, the longer you stay in this relationship that is eventually going to fail anyway, the more you are depriving yourself of being with the person that you’re actually destined to be with.

That is why you always need to be staying vigilant in your relationships. You always need to be keeping tabs on things. You ALWAYS need to be paying attention to the details. Sometimes, these little signs can go unnoticed, and you will end up kicking yourself for it. Make sure that you stay fully aware of the goings on in your own relationship.

That said, you might still need some help to figure out the signs that you need to break up with someone. And that’s exactly where this article steps in. If you feel like a lot of the signs listed here actually apply to your relationship situation, then you might want to end things already. It won’t be easy but it’s definitely the right thing to do.

1. You always put your partner’s needs above your own.

It’s always nice to be selfless in your relationship. That’s essential when you are trying to make room in your life for another person in such an intimate manner. However, you shouldn’t do it at the expense of your own well-being. You should still make sure that you are taking care of yourself.

2. You don’t feel compelled to fix the problems and issues in your relationship.

When you are greatly invested in your relationship, then you would want to make sure that you do anything you can do possible to keep the love alive. However, if you start to notice that you don’t really feel compelled to fix the problems in your relationship anymore, it might show that you are okay with it ending.

3. You don’t really care about your partner or relationship anymore.

You don’t really care much about the well-being of your partner anymore. You don’t really care much about making life easier or better for them. You don’t even care much about your relationship at this point. You might think that it’s okay because you don’t HATE your relationship just yet. But you should know that indifference can be just as worse.

4. You feel like you are both growing in irreconcilable aspects of life.

As human beings, you are bound to change and grow. You are never going to stay the same two people that you were when you first started the relationship. You’re going to change. And sometimes, that change isn’t good for the relationship. You could be changing into people who are incompatible with one another; and when that’s the case, the relationship has to suffer.

5. You don’t really have any real and deep conversations anymore.

You don’t feel compelled to have any deep or meaningful conversations with each other anymore. You don’t feel the need to connect as a couple. You aren’t interested in getting to know one another through deep and meaningful conversations about life and love.

6. Your partner doesn’t really do anything to make your life better.

You ALWAYS need to have partners who push you to be a better person. In a relationship, you always need to be bringing out the best out of each other. And if you don’t really do that for one another, then maybe you shouldn’t be together.

7. You start daydreaming and fantasizing about what it would be like to be with someone else.

You know that something is seriously wrong in your relationship when you start fantasizing about being with other people. A happy relationship is one where you don’t feel the need to be thinking about being with anyone else

8. You are the only one who is putting in the effort in the relationship.

When you are the only one who is still giving a damn about the relationship, then you know that your romance is a lost cause. It takes two committed and mature individuals to make a relationship work. And even if just one person is out of it, then the relationship is doomed.

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