8 Signs You Are Being Psychologically Manipulated

Ever thought about how no stranger has the power to manipulate you? Yes, people always get manipulated by someone close to them, someone they love or a related to.

These tricky people use you for their gain and then leave you feeling hurt. They do it in such sneaky ways that you won’t be able to see their true intentions right away.

But if you pay attention, you can spot the following signs that someone might be messing with your mind.

1. They Prey on Your Insecurities

    If you notice someone using your weak points against you, like a clever magician diverting your attention by playing with your feelings, it’s a sign to pay attention. You might catch yourself opening up about your worries and insecurities, only to have them used against you later. This is the trick manipulators use to control you by keeping you unsure and unsteady.

    2. They Will Put Immense Pressure On You

    Imagine a pressure cooker with the temperature steadily and constantly increasing; ever felt like that while interacting with a certain someone? This is exactly what it feels like when you are being manipulated. Such people know just how to make you feel like you’re walking on eggshells with unreasonable demands and unrealistic expectations. It’s like a game of control that can leave you feeling emotionally drained.

    3. They Will Gaslight You

    Manipulators mess with what’s real, making you unsure about what you see and hear. They might say they didn’t say things they definitely did or make you think you’re making a big deal out of nothing. Slowly, you begin to wonder if you’re going crazy, all in a game where they’re in control. This could be a sign they are messing with your mind and mental well-being.

    4. They Constantly Judge You and Criticize You

    Does this sound familiar to you? If so, you might be going through psychological manipulation. We all have our imperfections, but that doesn’t give someone the right to judge you or criticize you constantly. If someone keeps saying negative things about you, they’re highlighting your weaknesses and making you feel less confident – and before you know it, you’re feeling like you’re not worth anything.

    5. They Use the Form of Passive-Aggression

    Ever felt like you’re stuck in a tricky maze of hidden anger? That’s passive aggression in action. Instead of dealing with problems directly, such people hide their frustration behind secrets. They might say nice things that don’t feel genuine or forget to keep their promises. This kind of behavior will leave you feeling puzzled and confused about so many things, which clearly indicates that you are being psychologically manipulated.

    6. They Will Give You Little or No Time to Take Decisions

    When manipulators push you to decide quickly, it’s like being caught in a whirlwind. They stop you from thinking carefully, making you doubt your choices. It’s a trick to keep you relying on them, making you believe they know what’s right.

    7. They Will Raise their Voice and Show Negative Emotions

    When you don’t do what they want, manipulators turn fierce with their words and actions – they send out bad vibes and use negative emotions to get their way. They act violently and talk loudly in order to make you feel small and scared. This behavior can put fear in your mind, making you do things for them.

    8. They Will Distort the Facts

    When emotional manipulation is at play, one key trick used by the manipulator is twisting the truth. They’ll tell it to you so convincingly, maybe by not telling the whole story or even lying, that you end up believing their side of things.

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