8 signs you should be more than just friends

How do you know there isn’t the possibility of something deeper simmering beneath the surface? Something that deserves to be taken a chance on?

They say love is friendship set on fire. They aren’t wrong. And don’t all great relationships take time and effort? But when you already have something so profound and precious with someone you call your friend, how do you know there isn’t something more to it than just friendship? How do you know there isn’t the possibility of something deeper simmering beneath the surface? Something that deserves to be taken a chance on? Here are 8 signs that you should be more than just friends with the person you have called your best friend all this time.

1. He/she is always there for you

You’re in trouble, and the one person you think of calling is them. You can take comfort in the fact that they shall always be there for you, and you can count on them. For me, this meant that my ‘best friend’ took time off work and flew across the ocean just so we could meet and spend time together. Sounds incredible, perhaps? But if you have a friend like this, then it’s also very relatable. And it makes you wonder whether there is more to it than just friendship. And isn’t that what a good relationship is all about? Being there for the other person always?

2. You can be yourself around him/her

You can be just as goofy as you wish with him/her without hesitation, and they still find you adorable. If cartoon impersonations are your secret talent, then they are no secret to him/her. You are honest and genuine around each other. Whether it is sharing bad selfies or not having to conceal your bad mood in order to appear agreeable, you feel that you two are the perfect long-term couple, minus the ‘relationship’ and sex.

3. Your friends like him/her

Friends are often a good indicator of our partners. If your friends don’t like your partner, you usually end up seeing the reasons behind it eventually. This is because sometimes as a third party observer, they possess an unbiased approach to the matter. They often see the little things in a person that we miss because we are too close to the situation. They say that those who play the game don’t see it as clearly as those who watch. Well, if your friends like him/her, then you know he/she is one of your better decisions.

4. You talk regularly

You call each other regularly, perhaps every other day if not daily. If you have had a rough day, or feel tired, he/she is the one you know you can turn to. You can talk for hours, and not feel as though the conversation is growing stagnant, or that silences are awkward. That is because you are comfortable with them and share some great chemistry.

5. You discuss the important things

With colleagues and friends in my life abound, I have devised a way to understand, to a certain extent, the depth of friendship I share with each of my friends. This is how. I rank friendship in three stages. The first one being one where you need small talk. The second where you mostly discuss unimportant peripheral details of your daily life; your friendship lacks depth. This may involve random unimportant occurrences that take place. And lastly, there is the kind of friendship where you discuss it all. But most of all, you talk about that which you don’t share with anyone else. Your aims, your hopes, your dreams, your childhood, your insecurities, your theories about life. If you have that kind of friendship with someone, then know that what you two share is rare and beautiful, and not everyone is fortunate enough to have that in their lives. And if this is a male friend we speak of, then it is true that men don’t usually share their intimate secrets with just about anyone. If he is doing this with you, then you are very likely truly special to him.

6. You’ve met the parents

This one is especially true for the men. Ladies, listen up. Most men don’t bring every other girl they are friends with to meet their parents. Just the ones they have a truly special relationship with. And the amazing bit is discovering on the first meeting that they have already heard quite a bit about you.

7. Makes plans with you, and always follows through

Your friend is not one to not follow through with their plans. If they say they would be there at six in the evening, then it would take something pretty major to alter that initial plan. And you don’t find it strange that you two hang out together the way most couples do. You make plans and go to movies, lunch, and regular ‘dates’, let’s call them that for lack of a better word, the way most couples would.

8. You know he/she truly cares about you

You can easily place your trust in your friend. And that is something you can’t say for most partners. Yours is a healthy relationship built on honesty and affection. They care about you, and never lie to you. They always have a smile for you. They worry when you’re worried. They feel sorrow over your loss. They don’t deceive you ever and stand up for you always. They truly love you, not just because they have said as much on multiple occasions, but because if that isn’t love, then what is? And if he/she doesn’t deserve a chance, then who does?

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