8 Signs Your Husband Has A Crush On Another Woman

You’re feeling like your husband might be interested in another woman and want to find out if it’s true. When a man starts liking someone other than his wife, his behavior can give clues. Nowadays, some men aren’t satisfied and keep looking for new things, while others might not even know what they want. Even if they have a loving wife, they might still want to find someone new.

To figure out if your husband has a crush on another woman, look for signs and decide what to do next.

1. He often radiates unconscious smiles while pressing his phone

Have you seen your husband carrying his phone everywhere lately? He seems to spend a lot of time on it, chatting or talking. He even smiles while doing this, not noticing what’s happening around him, even when you’re there. Whether you’re doing something important or just spending time together, he’s focused on his phone and lights up when he talks to someone. This could mean someone else has his attention, and it’s not you.

2. He becomes more conscious of how he looks

He might be trying to impress someone else. He might be trying to look good for a new person in his life. He is putting a lot more effort into making himself look good to make himself more attractive to someone else.

3. He acts more irritable and annoyed with you

He gets easily irritated and annoyed at you. He seems to be getting more and more upset with you. He doesn’t hold back in letting you know about the parts of you that he hates. He seems to be more and more intolerable of your presence in his life.

4. He makes more excuses to go out and stay out late

He always seems to be out a lot more. He tells you that he has to work late. He tells you that he has a boys’ night out. He tells you that the office is sending him out of town for the weekend. He seems to be spending less and less time at home.

5. He doesn’t make an effort to get sexual with you

He doesn’t really try to initiate anything with you in the bedroom anymore. He doesn’t make any efforts to get intimate towards you. That’s probably because he is getting his sexual stimulation from other sources instead. He doesn’t rely on you anymore.

6. He doesn’t express an interest in your life anymore

He doesn’t really try to express an interest in your life anymore. He doesn’t ask you about how your day is going. He doesn’t make you feel like he wants to know more about what you’re going through. He doesn’t ask you about what’s on your mind or in your heart.

7. He gets defensive when you ask him lots of questions

Whenever you ask him about plans and arrangements that he might have, he gets really defensive. He doesn’t want to answer any of your questions because he doesn’t want to get incriminated. He doesn’t want to get caught in his lie.

8. Your instincts are telling you that something is up

Sometimes, it’s all just a matter of really paying attention to your instincts and your intuition. Your instincts are there to keep you safe. Your gut is there to protect you from getting hurt. It acts like a sixth sense.

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