8 Signs You’re Being Used in a Relationship

It doesn’t matter the kind of relationship you’re in, anyone can take advantage of you if you let them. Whether it’s with your partner, friend, parents, or anyone else. It’s okay to help sometimes, but you need to think about it if it keeps happening. In a good relationship, you should give and get equally. That’s called balance, and it’s important, just like when you share toys with your friend.

When you help your family, you hope they’ll help you too. In a relationship, both partners should do things for each other. If there’s a big difference in how much you do for each other, you might be used. Be careful if your partner only contacts you when they want something or for physical stuff.

So, how do you know when someone is using and abusing you? Here are some signs that could give you some reassurance.

1. You always feel uncomfortable whenever you’re around them

The discomfort that you’re feeling when you’re around this person is a direct result of your anxiety. You are always anxious that this person is going to ask something from you again as they always do. You have grown to expect these favors and you don’t like it.

2. Your partner isolates you from your friends and family

If your partner keeps you away from your family and friends, they might be trying to control you. They do this because they’re scared you’ll get close to others outside the relationship. This isolation is a way to control you because you’ll rely more on your partner if you’re apart from others.

3. You are afraid to say no to your partner

That’s how they maneuver themselves into your psyche. They will somehow find a way to always make you afraid of saying no to them. They will do it in a subtle way. They will try to drop hints at how your refusal to help them out will be bad for you and for the relationship.

4. You notice that they are only nice to you when they want something

The ultimate sign of a user is someone who is only nice to you whenever they want something out of their niceness. Otherwise, when they’re all fine and dandy, they would never pay you any mind because they’re already happy with where they are.

5. You feel guilty whenever you can’t do something for them

This is another work of psychological magic that they are exceptionally skilled at. They are very good at making you feel guilty about not being able to do something for them. They do this so that they have a way to make compel you to always do favors for them.

6. You will feel like your needs are never being meet

While you are too busy trying to meet the needs of others, you end up losing valuable time to take care of yourself. And so your needs never end up being met.

7. You always see that person getting ahead while you’re left behind

It’s normal for people to be getting ahead of you in life. But it seems weird for people who don’t work as hard as you to be the ones who are getting ahead. That may be a sign that these people are directly benefiting off of your hard work.

8. You are never on the receiving end of the favors

Lastly, if you are never on the receiving end of favors, then you know you are just being used. There is an imbalance in your relationship and you can’t ignore it any further.

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