8 Signs You’re Dating a Man Child

In today’s world, things are changing about what it means to be a man. Some single women have noticed something interesting when they’re looking for a partner – they end up dating what they call a “man child.”

This means they’re with a guy who acts immature, but people might excuse it by saying he’s cute or charming. It’s like giving him a free pass for not acting like an adult.

Here are some clear indications that you’re in a relationship with a man-child:

1. He can’t clean up after himself

Does he often leave things lying around the house? Clothes on the floor, socks everywhere, and dishes unwashed? It’s like dealing with a little kid. The difference is, you’re in a relationship with a grown man who doesn’t seem to understand his responsibilities. You notice it when he expects you to do everything for him and gets confused when you point it out.

2. He can’t do anything by himself

A man-child might always want you by his side for every little task. Even if it’s just a regular check-up at the doctor, he’ll ask you to come along. It’s not really that he’s scared to go alone, but he just feels more comfortable having you with him. He’ll take you everywhere he goes, saying you’re his girlfriend and he wants you there for him.

3. He asks you to stand up for him or to make decisions on his behalf

It’s okay to lean on others at times, that’s human nature. But when the guy you’re dating depends on you for every decision and can’t make choices on his own, that’s a concern. Even if he messes up, he expects you to tell him what to do next. If he always relies on you and lacks the ability to take charge, it’s a sign he’s not taking responsibility.

4. He throws tantrums when he doesn’t get what he wants

If you say no to him, whether it’s about going out or cooking a meal, he throws a tantrum. He might shout or give you the silent treatment, just like a little kid. This happens more if you’ve always given in to his wishes, making him think he can get whatever he wants. This is a big sign he’s a man-child, as he can’t handle being told no.

5. He refuses to acknowledge his responsibilities

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if a guy is just into video games or if he’s a man-child. The real difference is in how responsible he is. A guy who enjoys gaming but still takes care of his adult responsibilities isn’t a man-child. But if he avoids important things like getting a job or handling his emotions and actions, then he might be a man-child.

6. He can’t take a joke, but goes out of his way to ‘joke’ about others

You might notice that a man-child reacts similarly to a little kid when they hear a joke they don’t like about themselves. He’ll make jokes about others without considering their feelings, but if someone makes a joke about something he’s sensitive about, he’ll become defensive or angry. He won’t be able to take a joke and join in the laughter with everyone else.

7. He’s afraid of commitment

A man-child sees marriage or serious relationships as limiting and prefers partying with friends over a real commitment. This becomes clear when talking about your future together – he avoids the topic.

8. It’s never his fault

Whenever something goes wrong in your relationship, at work, or with your friends, he never admits his mistakes. Instead, he points fingers at others and avoids taking responsibility. He thinks everyone else is to blame and refuses to own up to his own errors. It’s like how a little child behaves.

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